Clinically Speaking: Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Preterm Birth

1 baby in 10 is born too soon in the U.S. each year. Is your baby at risk?

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Sleep Apnea Is More Common Than You Think — and More Serious

Don't dismiss poor sleep as a normal part of aging. It could be sleep apnea, a disorder with serious health consequences.

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Vape Sellers Are Using Popular Music Videos to Promote E-Cigarettes to Young People – and It’s Working

Teens and young adults spend several hours a day looking at their phones and watching videos, many of which might contain product placements for vaping.

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Clinically Speaking: Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

What do you need to know about diabetes and heart disease? Dr. Nieca Goldberg suggests questions to ask if you have either or both conditions.

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Is It Hemorrhoids or Something Worse?

How to know when to talk to your doctor

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Seat Belts and Smoking Rates Show People Eventually Adopt Healthy Behaviors – but It Can Take Time We Don’t Have During a Pandemic

Changes in societal behavior that benefit public health occur in fits and starts – and never fast enough for the individuals who fall victim before society comes around

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Put That Cigarette Out

Smoking is dangerous, but quitting's not easy. Here are some tips for how to quit for good.

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Vaping and Depression: What's the Connection?

Vaping, already linked to lung damage, may also have harmful psychological effects, a new study suggests.

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Vitamin E Acetate Is Leading Suspect in Vaping-Linked Lung Illnesses

A new federal report points to an oily chemical known as vitamin E acetate as the likely culprit behind more than 2,000 cases of severe lung illness among vapers.

Nasal Swab Could Help Gauge Smokers' Odds for Lung Cancer

Could this help separate high-risk patients from low-risk patients? Learn more about the research.

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Cases of Lung Injury Tied to Vaping Keep Rising

Some people have even had so much trouble breathing that they wound up on a ventilator in their hospital's intensive care unit (ICU).

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Women and Their Health Care Providers Need to Be More Aware of COPD

More women than men are now dying from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is associated with increased rates of women smoking in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Only Smoke 1 Cigarette a Day? It Can Still Kill You

If you think having just one cigarette a day won't do any harm, you're wrong.

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Disparities Persist in Smoking Cessation

Overall smoking rates in the United States are declining, but some vulnerable populations like the LGBT and the mentally ill communities still struggle to quit.

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