Colleges and the Thanksgiving COVID-19 Risk: Fauci’s right – Holiday Plans May Have to Change

As COVID-19 cases rise, especially in college towns, families may need to rethink their holiday plans

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Women Risk Losing Decades of Workplace Progress Due to Covid-19 – Here’s How Companies Can Prevent That

More than one in four women are considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce completely. If action isn't taken, a generation of women may never fully recover

Family & Caregiving

Helicopter Parenting Is Hurting Our Kids

Teenagers are increasingly unprepared for life after high school. Here's why it matters

Family & Caregiving

Your Child’s Vaccines: What You Need to Know About Catching Up During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vaccination rates dropped by as much as 60% in some parts of the country due to COVID-19. It's time to get back on track

Prevention & Screenings

5 Things to Look For On a College Campus That Benefit Mental Health

Why it pays to take campus design into consideration when selecting a school.

Self-Care & Mental Health

Surviving National Suicide Prevention Month After Losing My Son

As I've slogged through 22 Septembers without Mark, I've learned that helping other survivors helps me to heal, too.

Real Women, Real Stories

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Fall

Whether they're going back to school in person or online, these tips can help your kids maintain good health.

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Kids Are Bigger Coronavirus Spreaders Than Many Doctors Realized – Here’s How Schools Can Lower the Risk

For schools that do reopen classrooms, there are important choices that can help them keep students, families and teachers safe.

Family & Caregiving

4 Tips to Help Kids to Cope With COVID-19 Anxiety

We must teach children to embrace the power all of us have – and then use it to make choices that create better outcomes.

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African American Teens Face Mental Health Crisis but Are Less Likely Than Whites to Get Treatment

Black children and families need help to deal with the pervasive poverty and racism that surrounds them.

Access & Affordability

Is It Safe to Stay in a Hotel, Cabin or Rental Home Yet?

Traveling these days brings increased risk, yet ways exist to minimize that risk.

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5 Ways Parents Can Motivate Children at Home During the Pandemic – Without Nagging or Tantrums

Wendy Grolnick, a psychologist and parenting expert who has worked with parents in disaster situations, has studied how parents can help children become more self-motivated and decrease conflict in the family.

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5 Ways Parents Can Support Their College-Age Children Who've Been Forced to Return Home Due to COVID-19

Matthew Mayhew, an education researcher who co-authored a book about the college experience and its effect on students, offers five things parents and families of the many college students who are now learning from home should consider.

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How to Survive Quarantine in Close Quarters

Whether you’re quarantining with a friend, partner or entire family, the reality is that there is going to be a shift in the dynamic. Experts share their coping strategies during the pandemic.

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