5 Things to Look For On a College Campus That Benefit Mental Health

Why it pays to take campus design into consideration when selecting a school.

Self-Care & Mental Health

Surviving National Suicide Prevention Month After Losing My Son

As I've slogged through 22 Septembers without Mark, I've learned that helping other survivors helps me to heal, too.

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How to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Fall

Whether they're going back to school in person or online, these tips can help your kids maintain good health.

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Kids Are Bigger Coronavirus Spreaders Than Many Doctors Realized – Here’s How Schools Can Lower the Risk

For schools that do reopen classrooms, there are important choices that can help them keep students, families and teachers safe.

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Is It Safe to Stay in a Hotel, Cabin or Rental Home Yet?

Traveling these days brings increased risk, yet ways exist to minimize that risk.

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Nearly 3 in 4 US Moms Were in the Workforce Before the COVID-19 Pandemic – Is That Changing?

Many working parents with young or school-age children may have to quit their job to stay home as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on.

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Living in The Cave

A mother recounts her grief journey after her son’s suicide.

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