Schizophrenia is a brain disorder, with many abnormalities of the brain structure, function and chemistry. READ MORE


Menopause and Schizophrenia: A Connection?

Menopause and Schizophrenia: A Connection?

Menopausal schizophrenia is more common than you might think. If you hear voices, feel paranoid, experience delusions or have other symptoms, seek help from your health care professional.

mental health

Signs of Mental Illness

Know the changes that may indicate a problem.

true or false quiz: mental health

True or False? Mental Health

How much do you know about women’s mental health? Take our quiz to find out.

Young woman suffering from bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder 101

Learning the facts about bipolar disorder is important. Here’s what you need to know.

Pooja Mehta

I’ve Learned to Be Open About My Mental Illness to Help Bring Awareness in the Indian Community

After years of living in shame, I’m now a mental health advocate who embraces her culture and identity

September is National Suicide Prevention Month.

What Dr. Virginia Lindahl Wants You to Know About Suicide

Educating yourself about suicide risks and prevention could help you save someone's life


What Exactly Is Schizophrenia?

You've probably heard of this disease. But do you really know much about it?

Visiting My Sister in the Psych Unit

Visiting My Sister in the Psych Unit

A rare case of measles in childhood caused my sister's permanent brain injury and complicated psychoses.

woman looking despondent, sitting on her couch

Causes of Mood Swings

Occasional mood swings are normal, but it may help to know what's causing your mood swings, especially if they're disrupting your life.

Autism, Bipolar and Schizophrenia Share Genetic Similarities

Autism, Bipolar and Schizophrenia Share Genetic Similarities

By examining brain tissue, researchers say they've found similarities in certain mental illnesses, including autism and schizophrenia.

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The Day That Changed My Life Forever

Childhood schizophrenia is relatively rare, and the parents of children with schizophrenia can feel alone. One blogger and mental health advocate aims to create support.

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