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Healthy Aging

Understanding Menopause: Brain Health, Sleep And The Health Benefits

In this second part of our two-part series, a leading menopause specialist discusses cognitive changes, insomnia and sexuality.

Healthy Aging

There's A Lot More To Menopause Than Hot Flashes

In this first part of our two-part series, a leading menopause specialist discusses common misconceptions, changes in physical health and weight gain.

12 Ways To Optimize Your Health Insurance

When it comes to your health and cost of care, you have more power than you think.

Sex & Relationships

Can Women Improve Our Sexual Health At Midlife?

One woman learns that growing older can deepen sexual self-discovery.

Healthy Aging

Talking To My Father About His Advance Directive

Our vital conversation with a palliative care doctor helped me understand my dad’s end-of-life wishes.

Healthy Living

How I Kept My Period A Secret For Two Years

Secrets have always played a key role in my family. Over the years, everything from human behavior to the menstrual taboo has come to fascinate me.

Healthy Living

7 Ways To Take Control Of Your Mental & Physical Health During COVID-19

Here's how to practice self-care during this stressful time.

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  • Q: I'm an active, healthy woman in my mid-50s. I have noticed some bladder control problems when I exercise. I never thought I'd have this problem. Is this just part of getting older? I'm not ready for this!
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Dr. Heather Hirsch Shares Tips on Managing Mood Changes During Peri- & Menopause