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Sexually transmitted infection - laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample

You Can Test Yourself for an STI at Home — but Should You?

At-home STI testing is on the rise, but it’s not a replacement for an in-person exam

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African American woman hearing a headscarf

Race, Gender and the Ways These Identities Intersect Matter in Cancer Outcomes

Cancer care research usually overlooks the multiple identities of individual patients

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woman with body odor problem

What Your Odor Says About Your Health

Sometimes an odor is more than just an odor — it can also be a warning sign of potential health conditions

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Cómo manejar un diagnóstico de cáncer colorrectal

Cómo manejar un diagnóstico de cáncer colorrectal

Un diagnóstico de cáncer colorrectal puede causar mucha angustia. Aquí encontrarás que debes hacer.

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Cáncer colorrectal 101

Cáncer colorrectal 101

Información sobre los principios básicos del cáncer colorrectal, quién tiene más riesgo y cómo puedes incrementar tus probabilidades de supervivencia si desarrollas la enfermedad

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US Capitol at sunny day

A Recap: HealthyWomen’s Webinar, “CURES 2.0: Leading Women’s Health Forward”

HealthyWomen convened policy experts to examine the potential impact of the CURES 2.0 Act on women’s health

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woman puts hands around pink ribbon on her pink T Shirt, for breast cancer campaign

Why Do Women of Color Have Worse Breast Cancer Outcomes?

Breast cancer treatment and survival are worse for women of color. Healthcare disparities are to blame.

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Close-up of Doctor with ribbon formed breast cancer awareness symbol

You Have Advanced Breast Cancer. What’s Next?

Advice about important next steps and what to expect after an advanced breast cancer diagnosis

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Hands holding an orange pill bottle pouring two pills into palm.

Antimicrobial Resistance Is Bad News for Everyone, but May Hurt Some Communities More Than Others

Inequalities put vulnerable people at even greater risk of harm

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Kimberly Holiday-Coleman

My Symptoms Were Dismissed as Hemorrhoids, but I Had Colon Cancer

My cancer diagnosis led me to appreciate the little things — and learn to dance

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Elisa Seeger and her son Aidan, 2009

I Made a Promise to My Son

In the 10 years since my son died from a treatable condition, I’ve helped pass legislation to save other children — but there’s still work to do

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woman standing in the airpott

Should You Wear a Mask on a Plane, Bus or Train When There’s No Mandate? 4 Essential Reads to Help You Decide

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends that passengers mask up while on planes, trains or buses, but it’s no longer a requirement

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colon cancer infographic

We Need to Talk About Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is deadly, but it’s also highly preventable. The first step is talking about it.

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Cramps period. Menstruation days vector illustration

Why Getting an Endometriosis Diagnosis Is Painfully Slow

Endometriosis affects 1 out of 10 women — but it’s still taboo, misunderstood and critically underfunded

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