Forceful Vaccine Messages Backfire With Holdouts – How Can It Be Done Better?

A communication scientist who has studied the effects of media and health campaigns for the past 30 years explains how a fevered pitch in vaccine messaging may make the holdouts even more resistant

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Who’s Covered by a Vaccine Mandate? Here’s a Quick Guide to America’s Patchwork of COVID-19 Shot Requirements

In recent months, many states, companies and schools have issued vaccine mandates in order to inoculate reluctant or resistant Americans

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Fast Facts: What You Need to Know about Shingles

You're not too young to get shingles. Learn more about this painful infection.

Prevention & Screenings

The Next Attack on the Affordable Care Act May Cost You Free Preventive Health Care

A provision of the Affordable Care Act makes it easier for patients to receive preventive care

Access & Affordability

At My Hospital, Over 95% of Covid-19 Patients Share One Thing in Common: They’re Unvaccinated

Many hospitals have reached a point where the demand for health care has outstripped the ability to provide it

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El cáncer de mama es la mayor causa de muertes de cáncer para mujeres latinas: El sistema de salud podría cambiar eso

La concientización es importante, pero necesitamos medidas con un nivel más alto de compromiso para marcar la diferencia

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Breast Cancer Is the Leading Cause of Cancer Death in Latina Women: The Healthcare System Could Change That

Awareness matters — but we need far more involved efforts to make a difference

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Lo que debe saber sobre las vacunas para el regreso a clases

Aprenda que inmunizaciones necesita su niño antes de regresar a clases

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Pregnant or Worried About Infertility? Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19

Despite rampant misinformation, studies show that COVID-19 vaccines are safe for both the mom and baby

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Conversación sobre la salud: Preguntas para su proveedor de servicios médicos sobre enfermedades cardiovasculares

Obtenga información sobre los síntomas y los factores de riesgo para que pueda proteger su salud

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