I Recovered from Obesity and Bulimia Triggered by Sexual Abuse Once. And I Can Do It Again.

My childhood abuse caused disordered eating and weight gain, but I learned how to heal

Real Women, Real Stories

Why Do Smoke Alarms Keep Going off Even When There’s No Smoke?

Surprise! Dead batteries aren't the only reason your smoke alarm is going off when there's no fire.

Science and Technology

Here’s Why Christmas Movies Are So Appealing This holiday Season

At the end of a troubled 2020, people need to believe in worlds in which all is right. Holiday movies allow a glimpse of such a place.

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Covid-19 Means a Lot More Work for Families of Children With Disabilities, but Schools Can Help

The pandemic has added major hurdles to accessing, delivering and evaluating special education services

Family & Caregiving

Caregivers Need Self Care, Too

Be sure to care for yourself while caring for the ones you love

Family & Caregiving

Going Home for the Holidays? For Many Americans, That’s a Risky Decision

As COVID-19 cases surge, people's decision to travel comes down to a risk-benefit analysis

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Tichina’s Most Important Role

Tichina Arnold became a lupus warrior, after her younger sister, Zenay, was diagnosed with the disease

Chronic Care Issues

The Trials and Joys of Caring for Someone With Alzheimer’s Disease

Being flexible and developing a support network are crucial

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As CDC Warns Against Thanksgiving Travel, Here Are a Dozen More Things You Can Do to Help Stop Covid-19

The coronavirus is out of control. Lowering the staggering numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths lies squarely with us.

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Long-Term Care Workers, Grieving and Under Siege, Brace for COVID’s Next Round

Those who take care of older adults are suffering as their patients continue to get sick and die from COVID-19

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