My Salon Is Open … Should I Go?

Consider the level of COVID-19 risk before venturing out.

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Why Are You Tossing and Turning at Night?

Our expert gives you some solutions for better rest.

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Conflicting COVID Messages Create Cloud of Confusion Around Public Health and Prevention

Since the start of the pandemic, the public has been barraged by conflicting messages in part because the country is dealing with a new and still poorly understood virus and in part because politicians and scientists deliver conflicting advice.

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How to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Without Kegels

Try working these alternative exercises into your routine.

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Can You Visit Your Dad Safely on Father’s Day? A Doctor Gives You a Checklist

As an associate professor of family medicine with a focus on wellness, I’d like to share with you my thinking about this using some tools to aid discernment as Father’s Day approaches.

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