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Jessi Mcdonald

Thanks to TikTok, I Was Able to Afford the Anti-Obesity Medication That Changed My Life

I’m grateful for the online discount that helped me get the treatment I needed

Covid-19 OUT OF STOCK store lightbox sign showing text message for shortage of PPE medical supplie

With Obesity on the Rise, Why Are Treatments So Hard to Get?

Insurance policies and healthcare shortages stand in the way of obesity treatment

athlete with an injury highlighted in glowing red

Inflammation 101

Does alcohol cause inflammation? Does sugar? Learn which foods can cause and prevent inflammation — and how to reduce inflammation in the body.

Two dosing pens of a fictitious drug used for weight loss

Anti-Obesity Medications Are All the Buzz

Everyone — including Oprah — is talking about weight loss drugs. Here’s what you need to know.

Close-up on the screen of a Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, as the user selects an app from the touchscreen

5 Health Trends on TikTok: Heart or Hype?

Somatic exercises, snail mucin and the sleepy girl mocktail. Here’s what you should know and what's worth the hype.

Magnesium rich foods

Much Ado About Magnesium

Magnesium is having a moment thanks to the sleepy girl mocktail. Here’s what you need to know about magnesium benefits for women.

woman forming a heart shape with her fingers

How to Support a Loved One Living with Obesity

Learn about the different ways you can support someone living with obesity

Melissa Jordan, R.N.

Anti-Obesity Medication Stopped My Obsessive Thoughts About Food and Helped Me Become a Stronger Woman

For me, the mental benefits of taking an anti-obesity medication are just as important as the physical benefits

Heart health concept with related foods in white heart shaped bowl. potato red peppers, broccoli, radish, red onion, garlic, dry beans, almonds, nuts, and other legumes were arranged in heart shape plate on green blackboard with drawing of pulse trace.

What Is a Heart-Healthy Diet?

We asked trailblazing cardiologist Nieca Goldberg, M.D., about the best eating plan for a healthy heart and ways to prevent heart disease

woman serving the ball while playing mixed doubles in pickleball.

4 Fun Fitness Trends for 2024

New workout trends that can help shake up your routine this year

young woman making a healthy snack with fruit at home

The Pros and Cons of Being Vegan

A vegan lifestyle can be good for your health and the environment too. Here’s what you need to know.

woman celebrating with arms raised after workout outdoors

Bye-Bye Excuses: How to Move Forward with Your Health and Fitness Goals

Don’t let excuses stand in your way of getting fit and healthy

7 Simple Ways to Lose Weight After 50

7 Ridiculously Simple and Realistic Ways to Lose Weight After 50

When it comes to shedding pounds, age factors into the equation. Find out how to counter the ways age works against you.

Choosing Health Insurance Coverage If You’re Living with Obesity

Choosing Health Insurance Coverage If You’re Living with Obesity

Quick tips for how to navigate health insurance coverage for obesity care

Selección de la cobertura de tu seguro médico si vives con obesidad

Selección de la cobertura de tu seguro médico si vives con obesidad

Resumen de consejos para investigar la cobertura de seguros médicos para la atención de la obesidad

woman in a medical center on a prophylactic injection procedure for the problem of hyperhidrosis

Botox. It’s Not Just for Beauty Anymore.

Read about the ways Botox can be used to treat medical conditions.

emdr acronym on wooden cubes

What Is EMDR and How Can It Help Trauma Survivors?

The breakthrough therapy helps your brain heal itself

Meg Weber

EMDR Therapy Helped Me Heal from Trauma. Now I Use it to Help My Clients.

After EMDR helped me process my sister’s suicide, I decided to help others through EMDR therapy

Woman reading book at home

The Rise of Obesity Among Latinx People

Obesity disproportionately affects the Latinx community and the reasons go beyond lifestyle choices

colorful magic mushrooms and faces in profile

Are Medical Mushrooms Really Magic?

A growing number of practitioners are looking to the power of psychedelics to treat mental health conditions. Are they worth the trip?

Intestine decorative model with various nutritional supplements

What You Need to Know About Probiotics and Prebiotics

It’s complicated. Here’s what you should know about probiotics and prebiotics and their role in your overall health.

woman doing face yoga

Face Yoga 101

Can you om your way to better skin? Here’s the scoop on facial exercises and how to practice them.

Group of food with high content of dietary fiber arranged side by side

5 Foods to Help You Live to 100 (Really)

Eating these powerful and delicious foods can add a few years to your life. Is the blue zone diet the key to healthy aging?