I Recovered from Obesity and Bulimia Triggered by Sexual Abuse Once. And I Can Do It Again.

My childhood abuse caused disordered eating and weight gain, but I learned how to heal

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Vitamin K: A Little-known but Noteworthy Nutrient

Vitamin K often slips under the nutritional radar — but it's essential for life. Here's what you need to know.

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18 Million US Children Are at Risk of Hunger: How Is the Problem Being Addressed and What More Can Be Done?

People who experience long-term hunger aren't just uncomfortable. They can feel weakness or pain and run an elevated risk of illnesses.

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5 Ways to Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Light boxes, exercise and vitamins can help you beat the winter blues

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5 Strategies For Cultivating Hope This Year

Hopeful people do not wish – they imagine and act.

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When Working Out Makes You Sick to Your Stomach: What to Know About Exercise-Induced Nausea

Exercise-induced nausea is quite common, so why does this happen and how can you prevent it?

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Older Women Get Stalked, Too

No matter the victim's age, the harm is real

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How Holiday Cards Help Us Cope With a Not-So-Merry Year, According to a Professor of Comedy

Other difficult times have revealed an instinct to acknowledge the incongruence of strife mixed with the season of joy

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Unwrapping Depression for the Holidays

This time of year is supposed to be festive, but for many women it's anything but

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Here’s Why Christmas Movies Are So Appealing This holiday Season

At the end of a troubled 2020, people need to believe in worlds in which all is right. Holiday movies allow a glimpse of such a place.

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