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Kristen Lummis

I Was on High Alert for Cancer, but not Endometrial Cancer

I knew Lynch syndrome increased our family’s risk of colorectal cancer. I didn’t know it could be just as likely to cause endometrial cancer.

Gabriella Espinosa

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss When It Comes to Sex in Menopause

I realized there was so little I knew about my sexual health going into menopause

Allison Disarufino

Caring for Caregivers During Cancer Treatment Is Important, Too

Using a meal delivery schedule service has helped me care for the people I love

Hannah Keels

Asking for Support Helps Me Heal

Learning how to give family and friends actionable tasks has been an essential part of my journey with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer

Laarni San Juan

I Wish I’d Known About the Shingles Vaccine Sooner

What started out as a small blemish turned into the worst illness of my life

Semhar Fisseha

My Journey With Long Covid Symptoms

Before long Covid, I was a healthy, active woman who stayed on my feet all day. After getting sick, I visited 8 doctors before I found one who took my long Covid symptoms seriously.

Maria Mejia

I Don’t Regret Getting HIV Because It Saved My Life

My diagnosis pulled me off the streets and gave me purpose

photo of two women during group psychotherapy

Planned Parenthood me salvó de cáncer cervical

Cuando descubrí que tenía células precancerosas en mi cuello uterino, esta organización sin fines de lucro me proporcionó atención médica de primera sin costo

Sherell Flagg in 2021

Las mujeres de raza negra a menudo sufren en silencio durante la menopausia. Yo voy a seguir hablando.

Trabajo para combatir el estigma que lleva a tantas mujeres a no estar preparadas para los cambios mentales y físicos de la menopausia.

photo of two women during group psychotherapy

Planned Parenthood Saved Me From Cervical Cancer

When I found out I had precancerous cells in my cervix, the nonprofit provided me top-notch medical care at no cost

2017 (Photo/Alina Oswald)

I Believe I’m Aging Faster Because I Have HIV

We don’t really know how HIV impacts aging, since surviving it was nearly impossible a generation ago

Sherell Flagg in 2021

Black Women Often Suffer in Silence During Menopause. I’m Going to Keep Talking.

I’m working to fight the stigma that leads so many women to being unprepared for the mental and physical changes of menopause

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erica rimlinger

As an Adult, I’ve Finally Made Peace With My ADHD

Girls tend to be diagnosed with ADHD later in life — if we’re diagnosed at all. The price we pay as women, both out-of-pocket and emotional, is huge.

Real Women, Real Stories
Angel Yau

Getting Help for Your Mental Health Is Not a Weakness, but Try Telling My Asian Parents That

As Chinese immigrants, my parents taught me their cultural values of hard work and overcoming challenges through helping yourself — but when the challenge is mental health, that approach doesn’t work.

Real Women, Real Stories