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Marcella Hill

Hormone Therapy Saved My Life After Doctors Dismissed My Perimenopause Symptoms

For years I endured severe brain fog, insomnia and pain — all while being told my blood work was “normal”

Stephanie Gowdy, November 2022

I Didn’t Find Out I Had Epilepsy Until I Was 28, But I’ve Likely Had It My Whole Life

Living with seizures has its drawbacks, but my art and my positive outlook keep me going

Josephine Casanova

Doctors Overlooked My Endometrial Cancer Symptoms for More Than a Year

My bleeding was heavy and constant, but doctors just chalked it up to hormones and threw me on birth control

Chandice Probst, 2017

For Years, I Lived in Agony with Undiagnosed Celiac Disease

My celiac disease symptoms were dismissed for so long that I got used to the pain

Nicole Kowalski

An Ordinary Toothache Turned Out to Be a Rare Form of Cancer

I’d never heard of salivary gland cancer. Now, I’m advocating for other head & neck cancer survivors.

Nikki Anderson Miller with her family

Getting Vaccinated Won’t Just Protect You, It Will Help Protect My Vulnerable Children

As a mother and caregiver to two boys with a rare disease, all I’m hoping for is some compassion

Aileen Weintraub

The Truth About Working While Struggling with Perimenopause

After years of ignoring my symptoms, I finally began to acknowledge the changes my body was going through

Back shot of Japanese woman a view of the sea

I Went Through Menopause Early to Prevent My Cancer from Coming Back

After surviving cancer and induced menopause, I’m struggling to stay mentally healthy

natalie chambers

Living with ADHD Has Taught Me How to Be Perfectly Imperfect

I’ve learned to redefine success — and to give myself grace

Kristen Lummis

I Was on High Alert for Cancer, but not Endometrial Cancer

I knew Lynch syndrome increased our family’s risk of colorectal cancer. I didn’t know it could be just as likely to cause endometrial cancer.

Gabriella Espinosa

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss When It Comes to Sex in Menopause

I realized there was so little I knew about my sexual health going into menopause

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Semhar Fisseha

My Journey With Long Covid Symptoms

Before long Covid, I was a healthy, active woman who stayed on my feet all day. After getting sick, I visited 8 doctors before I found one who took my long Covid symptoms seriously.

Real Women, Real Stories
Maria Mejia

I Don’t Regret Getting HIV Because It Saved My Life

My diagnosis pulled me off the streets and gave me purpose

Real Women, Real Stories
photo of two women during group psychotherapy

Planned Parenthood me salvó de cáncer cervical

Cuando descubrí que tenía células precancerosas en mi cuello uterino, esta organización sin fines de lucro me proporcionó atención médica de primera sin costo

Real Women, Real Stories