Real Women, Real Stories

Phyllis Greenberger and her husband

Painting Gave Me a Precious World All My Own While Caregiving for My Husband with Alzheimer’s Disease

It didn’t dawn on me until after my husband passed that what I’d been engaging in was art therapy

Colleen Monfross

You Can’t Choose Your Genes

But if you learn what your genetic code is saying, you can choose your response

Shé Langley

Caregiving During Covid

Members of the “sandwich generation” have a tough task caring for parents and children. For me, Covid made it much more difficult.

Lindsey Vonn

After I Tore My ACL, My Sleep Went Downhill

It was nearly a decade before I got a good night’s sleep again

Sam Norpel

Long Covid Ended My Time as a C-Suite Executive, but I’m Not Giving Up on Life

Thanks to long Covid, I now endure severe symptoms that prevent me from doing even the simplest things

Sam Norpel

La Covid-19 persistente puso fin a mi trabajo como ejecutiva corporativa de alto rango, pero me rehúso a rendirme

Ahora padezco síntomas graves por la Covid-19 persistente que evitan que pueda hacer cosas muy sencillas

Sex Toys Helped Me Discover the Beauty & Pleasure of Self-Love

Sex Toys Helped Me Discover the Beauty and Pleasure of Self-Love

When you open your mind and heart, sex with yourself can be the best sex you’ll ever have

Lorrie in front of the white house

I Had Quadruple Bypass Surgery at 48

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in the United States — and it doesn’t care how old you are

Allison Constantino

I Got in the Best Shape of My Life After 50

After a frightening wakeup call, I turned my life around and created the best version of myself

Leslie J. Stullken

Mis síntomas de Covid-19 persistente parecían ser tristeza cuando perdí a mi pareja

Ahora participo en un estudio de la Covid-19 que espero que sea útil para otras personas

Jill Koziol

Living With Multiple Sclerosis Means Always Being My Own Advocate

I respect my doctors, but I keep on them, and always do my homework