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Robotic surgery and automated medicine technology concept with patient receiving treatment in modern clinic,

Fast Facts: What You Need to Know About OB-GYN Robotic-Assisted Surgery

The field of robotic-assisted OB-GYN surgery is growing. Here’s what you should know.

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Obesity Puts You at Higher Risk for Severe Illness from Covid-19

Living with obesity can make Covid more dangerous. See how you can protect yourself.

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La obesidad te da un mayor riesgo de enfermarte gravemente de covid-19

Vivir con obesidad puede hacer que el covid-19 sea más peligroso. Mira cómo puedes protegerte.

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Losing Many Women in My Family to Dementia Inspired Me to Donate My Brain to Science

I hope more of us will donate their brains science to help improve medical understanding of this complex organ

Nina Martinez

I Was the First Living Kidney Donor with HIV

Thanks to access to good treatment, I’ve remained healthy enough to be able to extend the life of another HIV-positive person

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A New Device Can Help Healthcare Providers Treat Migraine Attacks

How a medical device is helping HCPs provide headache and migraine relief

Asian female gynecologist talking to her patient about cervical cancer clinical trials

What You Need to Know About Clinical Trials

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about clinical trials

Asian female gynecologist talking to her patient about cervical cancer clinical trials

Lo que debes saber sobre los ensayos clínicos

Aquí encontrarás respuestas a preguntas frecuentes acerca de los ensayos clínicos

test strips for urinalysis for analyze composition of urine

At-Home Testing for Women by Women

From hormones to UTIs, the lab tests can come to you thanks to these innovations by women

Menopause got you down? There’s an app for that.

Menopause Got You Down? There’s an App For That.

How tech can support you through the ups and downs of perimenopause and menopause

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Even as we work to end the Covid-19 pandemic, we must also prepare for the next one

What’s in the Works for Women’s Health?

What’s in the Works for Women’s Health?

A summary of the “Medicines in Development 2022 Report”

Racial Bias in Medical Calculations Can Create Healthcare Inequities

Racial Bias in Medical Technology Can Create Health Inequities

Healthcare has long relied on technological devices, mathematical formulas and calculations to treat patients — but that can harm people of color

Do Genetic Predispositions Affect Your Health?

How Do Genes Affect Your Health?

What learning more about your genetics and family history can teach you

Understanding Monoclonal Antibodies

Understanding Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies can be used to treat and prevent many illnesses, including Covid-19 and RSV. Here’s what you need to know.

Caregiver, carer hand holding elder hand in hospice care

New Hope in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

With knowledge from clinical trials, we’re learning how to help those most at risk for Alzheimer’s disease

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Why Diversity in Clinical Trials Is Important

When it comes to clinical trials, what we don’t know can hurt women

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Are Health Apps Putting Your Privacy at Risk?

How the apps and trackers we can’t live without may leave our private information exposed — and what to do about it

Shopping cart toy with medicaments in front of laptop screen with pharmacy web site on it.

Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs Are Putting Millions of US Consumers at Risk, According to a New Study

Rogue online pharmacies frequently use social media platforms to reach potential customers

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Should You Worry About Data From Your Period-Tracking App Being Used Against You?

A 2019 study found that 79% of health apps available through the Google Play store regularly shared user data. The data could conceivably be used in a criminal prosecution.