Women of Color Spend More Than $8 Billion on Bleaching Creams Worldwide Every Year

Bleaching the skin is common. It's also potentially life-threatening and harms women's self esteem.

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Get the Facts: What You Need To Know About Vaccines

Vaccines are safe and effective — and you should be getting them

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COVID-19 and the Growing Importance of Diverse Participation in Clinical Trials

Women and minorities should join studies to develop more effective treatments


Survey Says: Less Than Half of Respondents Plan To Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Sorting through concerns and clearing up misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccine

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How We Got the COVID-19 Vaccine So Quickly and Safely

The COVID-19 vaccine was made in record time, without sacrificing stringent safety measures.

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Do You See Red Like I See Red?

Color is an inherent part of visual experience, so it's disconcerting to think the way two people perceive the world might be totally different.

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15 Minutes With Dr. Fauci

We spoke with the nation's leading infectious disease expert to get answers to the questions everyone's asking

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When Your Chance for a Covid Shot Comes, Don’t Worry About the Numbers

With a third authorized COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, experts advise taking the first one available to you

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Surprise! Congress Takes Steps to Curb Unexpected Medical Bills

Patients may still be surprised by the high cost of health care overall, but they'll now be protected against unexpected bills from out-of-network providers

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If I Have Allergies, Should I Get the Coronavirus Vaccine? An Expert Answers This and Other Questions

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, a public health pediatrician whose research exposed the Flint, Michigan, water crisis, answers questions about the vaccine

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As Biden Gets Sworn in, White House Will Get Scrubbed Down

There will be a thorough cleaning and disinfection of every doorknob, toilet handle, light switch, stair railing, telephone, elevator button, and computer keyboard

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