premature birth

New Mom Holds Her Infant to Her Chest

Preterm Delivery Puts Moms at Risk, Too

What one woman didn’t know about preterm delivery, heart disease and diabetes almost killed her

beth and conor

Hypertension Forced Me to Have My Baby Preterm. There Were No Warning Signs.

Being 42 years old, I knew I was at a higher risk for pregnancy complications, but this came out of nowhere and turned my world upside down

Pregnant black woman

Racism a Strong Factor in Black Women’s High Rate of Premature Births, Study Finds

Black women are about 1.6 times as likely as whites to give birth more than three weeks before the due date

pregnant woman having a consultation with her doctor about maternal health

Clinically Speaking: Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Preterm Birth

1 baby in 10 is born too soon in the U.S. each year. Is your baby at risk?

Crying and upset baby

Born Too Soon

A closer look at Covid-19, health inequities, race and preterm birth

Moving During Early Pregnancy May Not Be Best for Baby

A Change of Address During Early Pregnancy May Not Be Best for Baby

New research finds that switching homes during the first three months of pregnancy is tied to an increased risk that a baby will be born prematurely or at a low birth weight.

Preterm Birth Risk Spikes in Pregnant Mothers With Sleep Disorders

Preterm Birth Risk Spikes in Pregnant Mothers With Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders during pregnancy may increase the risk of preterm birth.

Extreme Preemies

More 'Extreme Preemies' Are Surviving

Babies born very early—between 22 and 24 weeks of pregnancy—are more likely to survive now than a decade or so ago, new research shows.

mother holdind hand of a premature baby in incubator

Brain Deficits in Preemies May Start Before Birth

Problems with brain wiring in premature babies appear to arise months before they are born, a small study suggests.

'Kangaroo Mother Care' May Improve Preemies' Lives Into Adulthood

'Kangaroo Mother Care' May Improve Preemies' Lives Into Adulthood

a new study suggests "kangaroo mother care" may extend and enhance the lives of preemies.

Lowering premature birth risk

3 Steps to Lower a Woman's Risk of Premature Birth

Up to one-quarter of preterm births might be prevented if women paid attention to three risk factors that are under their control, new research suggests.

mom in nicu with baby

Mom's Singing Helps Preemies Breathe Easier

The soothing sound of mom singing may help premature newborns breathe easier, a new review finds.


U.S. Spends Billions on Preterm Births Linked to Smog

Air pollution is linked to an increased risk of preterm birth, and the consequences may be costing the United States more than $4 billion a year, a new study estimates.

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Premature Babies May Face Anesthesia Risks into Young Adulthood

Children born prematurely may be at risk for complications from anesthesia and sedation at least into young adulthood, a new study suggests.

breast milk in bottles

The Power of Donated Breast Milk

More hospitals accepting breast milk donations to give to premature babies.

sad child

Are These Children More Likely to Face Bullying?

Extremely low birth weight infants face higher odds of being bullied in childhood, a new study suggests.

autism text and stethoscope

Preterm Birth May Raise Autism Risk

According to a new study, very premature infants may have an increased risk of being diagnosed with autism by age 4, although the research questions just how high the odds are.

mother holding a newborn

This Is Why Skin-To-Skin Is So Amazing

Tiny newborns who get prolonged skin-to-skin contact with mom while they're in the hospital may have better survival odds, a new review finds.

Premature birth

Premature Baby Care Tips

You're over the moon that baby is here. But when that bundle of joy arrives early, it can throw you a curveball. Here are tips for caring for a premature baby.