Biosimilars and Women's Health: Realizing the Potential

Biosimilars are powerful, life-changing medicines. Many chronic, debilitating autoimmune diseases that affect women in greater numbers than men, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, can now be treated with biosimilars, as can breast cancer.

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Taking Prilosec or Other Potent Acid Blocker? Who Should Reconsider and How to Stop

Potent acid blockers (called proton pump inhibitors) work well to block stomach acid, but generally they're intended to treat short episodes of heartburn or reflux. There are risks to long-term use.

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CBD Here, There, Everywhere! CBD and Women's Health

Products with CBD (cannabidiol) are being widely sold, but there are unknown risks to the health of women, breast-feeding infants, or a developing fetus.

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Here's the Best Way to Get Rid of Medication You No Longer Need

When considering where to dispose of your prescription drugs, the first place to check is your local pharmacy.

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