Asian female gynecologist talking to her patient about cervical cancer clinical trials

What You Need to Know About Clinical Trials

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about clinical trials

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My Melanoma Was Dismissed as an Inflamed Hair Follicle

As a young woman of color, I was seemingly the last person who would be struck by the potentially lethal skin cancer

Susan Smedley

Surviving Lung Cancer Helped Me Embrace the Connection Between Body and Mind

I now own a yoga studio and help other cancer patients and survivors cope

Adrienne Moore

My Endometrial Cancer Was Dismissed as Fibroids

My symptoms were ignored for more than a year despite having a personal and family history of cancer

Adrienne Moore

Descartaron mi cáncer endometrial porque lo confundieron con fibromas

Ignoraron mis síntomas durante más de un año a pesar de tener antecedentes personales y familiares de cáncer

Postmenopausal Women and Endometrial Cancer

Mujeres posmenopáusicas y el cáncer endometrial

Las fluctuaciones hormonales y el incremento en los niveles de estrogenos

Postmenopausal Women and Endometrial Cancer

Postmenopausal Women and Endometrial Cancer

Fluctuating hormones and higher levels of estrogen increase the risk for this common disease

How to Care for Your Mental Health if You Have Colon Cancer

How to Care for Your Mental Health if You Have Colon Cancer

Many colorectal cancer survivors deal with mental health challenges, but the disease doesn’t have to define you

Cómo cuidar tu salud mental si tienes cáncer de colon

Cómo cuidar tu salud mental si tienes cáncer de colon

Muchos sobrevivientes de cáncer colorrectal enfrentan dificultades de la salud mental, pero la enfermedad no tiene que definirte

I Lost My Singing Career to Thyroid Cancer — And Found My True Voice

I Lost My Singing Career to Thyroid Cancer — And Found My True Voice

I can’t fix my broken instrument, but I can still bring beautiful music to the world

New Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatments

New Treatments for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Find out more about the most innovative treatments for stage 4 breast cancer — and how they’re affecting patients with the disease

Terri Conneran

Getting Stage 3 Lung Cancer for Christmas Only Made Me Love the Holidays More

My cancer diagnosis really made me appreciate what a gift life is

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Why Are Black Women More Likely to Die from Endometrial Cancer?

Delayed diagnoses, more aggressive tumor types and other healthcare disparities place Black women at a greater risk of dying from endometrial cancer compared to white women

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Good Sex with Emily Jamea: Sex After Cancer

Cancer and treatments like chemotherapy can have sexual side effects — but you can reclaim your sexuality and find intimacy again

Do You Know Someone Who Has Cancer? Here’s How You Can Help.

¿Conoces a alguien que tiene cáncer? Aquí encontrarás cómo puedes ayudar.

Revisa estos recursos que incluyen un programa útil que reúne a familiares, amigos y cuidadores a través de un plan para proporcionar comidas

Ostomy Basics

Ostomy Basics

Watch this video to learn the basics about ostomies after bladder cancer.

Nicole Kowalski

An Ordinary Toothache Turned Out to Be a Rare Form of Cancer

I’d never heard of salivary gland cancer. Now, I’m advocating for other head & neck cancer survivors.

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I Went Through Menopause Early to Prevent My Cancer from Coming Back

After surviving cancer and induced menopause, I’m struggling to stay mentally healthy

Kristen Lummis

I Was on High Alert for Cancer, but not Endometrial Cancer

I knew Lynch syndrome increased our family’s risk of colorectal cancer. I didn’t know it could be just as likely to cause endometrial cancer.

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Fast Facts: What You Need to Know About Endometrial Cancer

Learn the signs and symptoms of the most common gynecological cancer

Allison Disarufino

Caring for Caregivers During Cancer Treatment Is Important, Too

Using a meal delivery schedule service has helped me care for the people I love