Fast Facts: What You Need to Know About Skin Cancer

Skin cancer affects 3 million people a year. Here's how to do your best to avoid being one of them.

Skin Cancer

My Life-Changing Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Inspired Me to Become an Advocate for Women’s Health

An unexpected diagnosis led me to a whole new perspective

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It Took 2 Years and a Second Opinion to Find My Bladder Cancer

Now I'm cancer-free and helping others understand the disease

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‘Kicking You When You’re Down’: Many Cancer Patients Pay Dearly for Parking

The cost of parking while in cancer treatment is finally drawing national scrutiny

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Clinically Speaking: Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider About Head and Neck Cancer

If you've received a head and neck cancer diagnosis, here are some important questions to ask your healthcare provider.

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A Rare Head and Neck Cancer Taught Me How to Be My Best Advocate

My journey with mucoepidermoid carcinoma taught me the importance of trusting myself

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Información resumida: Qué debe saber sobre el cáncer de cabeza y cuello

Aprenda sobre los síntomas, formas de diagnóstico y cómo reducir su riesgo

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Fast Facts: What You Need to Know About Head and Neck Cancer

Learn about the symptoms, how it's diagnosed and ways to reduce your risk

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Being My Own Advocate Helped Me Defeat Tonsil Cancer

How I listened to my own body and followed my heart

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Opciones de tratamiento para el cáncer de cabeza y cuello

El estudio de los cambios genéticos en las células cancerosas puede ser útil para desarrollar mejores tratamientos para el cáncer de cabeza y cuello

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Genomics, mutations, and treatment options for Head & Neck Cancer

Studying genetic changes in cancer cells may be helpful in developing better treatments for head and neck cancer

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Obstáculos de la atención médica: Cáncer de cabeza y cuello

Obtener un diagnóstico o atención para el cáncer de cabeza y cuello puede ser algo difícil de manejar.

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Caring for Someone With Cancer Is Emotional — and Expensive

Caregiving can be overwhelming, lonely and costly. Here are some tips to lighten the load.

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Women Pay the Price for Cancer

It's important to talk to your doctor about the cost of cancer care

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Too Much Sitting Is Bad For You — But Some Types Are Better Than Others

Chronic excessive levels of sedentary time have been linked to greater risk of diabetes, heart disease, mortality and even some cancers

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