Exclusive Interview with Fran Drescher

The star of "The Nanny" opens up about her cancer journey.

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Fearing the Deadly Combo of COVID-19 and Cancer

Beyond the concern of cancer patients — with their already depleted immune systems — catching the virus, many doctors worry about people delaying their scans and checkups and missing time-sensitive diagnoses.

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Female and Single: A Double Whammy for Cancer Care

Single cancer patients don't get the same care as married patients — and it's even worse for single women.

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I've Beaten Cancer, But I'm Still Fighting

Heather's battle with cervical cancer led her to testify in front of the FDA for HPV testing. Read her story.

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Could a Blood Test for Breast Cancer Become a Reality?

There's early promise in the quest for a blood test that might spot breast cancer up to five years before clinical signs of the disease appear.

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There Is No Test for Ovarian Cancer

Despite clean pap smears, Annie developed ovarian cancer. Read about her journey and what she hopes every woman will learn from her story.

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