COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Are Rare, but Here's How To Report Them if You Have Them

Most COVID-19 vaccine side effects are minor and resolve within a few days


People Over 75 Are First in Line to Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19. The Average Black Person Here Doesn’t Live That Long.

Prioritizing by age might seem like an obvious choice, but it ignores the fact that a smaller share of Black people reach the age of 75 than white people.

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The Connection Between Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Women's Health

Type 2 diabetes greatly increases your chance of developing cardiovascular disease, and the two share many risk factors. Luckily, you can make changes to lower your risk for both.

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With Vaccinations, Your Voice Matters

How shared decision-making works when it comes to vaccines

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HealthyWomen's 2020 Policy Survey Shows That Knowledge Is Power

How access to scientific studies and policies informs women’s health choices.

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Women of Color Spend More Than $8 Billion on Bleaching Creams Worldwide Every Year

Bleaching the skin is common. It's also potentially life-threatening and harms women's self esteem.

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Important Questions to Ask About Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Sharon Allison-Ottey shares what to ask your healthcare provider if you think you're developing dementia or notice signs in a loved one

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Get the Facts: What You Need To Know About Vaccines

Vaccines are safe and effective — and you should be getting them

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Black Organizations Are Doing Their Part to Get More Black People Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Working to overcome mistrust in the Black community, Black organizations hope to serve as a trusted source to combat vaccine hesitancy

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The ACA Marketplace Is Open Again for Insurance Sign-Ups. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Next week, the federal insurance exchange reopens for an unusual midyear special enrollment period

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How We Got the COVID-19 Vaccine So Quickly and Safely

The COVID-19 vaccine was made in record time, without sacrificing stringent safety measures.

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