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Choosing Health Insurance Coverage If You’re Living with Obesity

Quick tips for how to navigate health insurance coverage for obesity care

A Conversation with Makeba L. Williams, M.D., About Health Equity and Menopause

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The White House Launched Its First-Ever Initiative on Women’s Health Research

It’s 2023 and women’s health outcomes are simply still not where they should be. This initiative gives us hope for a future where women’s health research is invested in and prioritized.

Health Insurance 101: How to Choose Health Insurance When You’re Living with Obesity

If you’re living with obesity, these are the 6 questions you need to ask when choosing health insurance

Dear Employer: How to Ask for Obesity Care Insurance Coverage

Use our template letter to ask your employer for obesity care coverage

Estimado empleador: Cómo solicitar cobertura de atención para la obesidad

Usa nuestra plantilla para escribir una carta en la cual pides a tu empleador cobertura de atención para la obesidad

Health Insurance 101: Understanding Health Insurance Terms

Understanding health insurance terms can help you get the most from your health plan

Seguros médicos 101: Glosario de seguros médicos

Comprender el significado de términos comunes de seguros médicos puede ser útil para aprovechar lo más posible de tu plan de salud

Sharps Disposal 101

Here’s how to practice safety first when getting rid of medical sharps

Desecho de objetos cortopunzantes 101

Aquí encontrarás cómo darle prioridad a la seguridad cuando desechas objetos médicos cortopunzantes

I Was Immunocompromised and a Clinical Trial Changed My Life

Thanks to a clinical trial, living with beta thalassemia is now so much easier

Soy inmunodeficiente y un ensayo clínico cambió mi vida

Gracias a un ensayo clínico, vivir con talasemia β ahora es mucho más fácil

¿Es seguro participar en un ensayo clínico si eres inmunodeficiente?

Lo que debes saber acerca de investigaciones clínicas si eres inmunodeficiente

PrEP Is for Women, Too

Can women take PrEP? Absolutely!

Tech Solutions for Chronic Pain

Innovative apps that reduce aches and pain through sound, movement and psychology

Fast Facts: What You Need to Know About OB-GYN Robotic-Assisted Surgery

The field of robotic-assisted OB-GYN surgery is growing. Here’s what you should know.

Información resumida: Lo que debes saber sobre la cirugía ginecológica obstétrica con asistencia robótica

El campo de la cirugía ginecológica obstétrica con asistencia robótica es cada vez más importante. Aquí encontrarás lo que debes saber. The field of robotic-assisted OB-GYN surgery is growing. Here’s what you should know.