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woman holding and IUD

Fast Facts: What You Need to Know About IUDs

Here’s the 411 on this long-acting and reversible type of birth control

Fecal sample for Clostridium Difficile Antigen and Toxin Test in medical lab.

​C. Diff​ 101

What is C. diff? Learn more about the condition and simple ways to reduce your risk of infection.

Female patient holding her abdomen in pain while talking to her doctor at medica clinic.

Clinically Speaking: Questions and Answers About C. Diff

Is it a stomach virus or C. diff infection? Find out how to recognize, treat and hopefully avoid this stubborn bacterial gut infection.

amy teets

Doctors Said It Was Probably Just a Stomach Bug — It Wound Up Being C. Diff

After months of not finding answers, a Facebook support group led me to the answers I needed to get better

Options for Covid Vaccines

Options for Covid Vaccines

When it comes to Covid vaccines, you have options. Find out what they are.

Choose to Protect

Choose to Protect

Know your Covid vaccine options to protect yourself and your family over the holidays

Small drug vial with influenza vaccine

6 Places to Get the Flu Vaccine

Here’s where to get the flu shot and a few surprising spots you should know

woman in a medical center on a prophylactic injection procedure for the problem of hyperhidrosis

Botox. It’s Not Just for Beauty Anymore.

Read about the ways Botox can be used to treat medical conditions.

Focus on Fibroids

Focus on Fibroids

Watch as Soyini Hawkins, M.D., and Candy Ramirez-Hale, R.N., discuss living with fibroids, navigating fibroids care and advocating for yourself

Mature woman doing flow meditation exercise outdoors with sunset background

9 Easy Ways to Fix Your Focus and Improve Concentration

We can do strange things when we multitask and lose focus. Here are some ways to keep your focus from wandering.

Fact or Fiction? Breast Cancer

Fact or Fiction? Breast Cancer

About 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this common disease.

Nicole Ari Parker at home

Nicole Ari Parker on Choosing to Protect Herself and Her Family from Covid

We talked with the actor about vaccine options and staying healthy on and off the stage

Vaginal or menstrual problems concept

Menopause Can Be a Real Pain in the Vagina

But it doesn't have to be. Check out these products that provide relief for genitourinary syndrome of menopause (also known as vaginal atrophy).

Senior couple, laugh and play on bed in home, hotel and happy together with romance

Good Sex with Emily Jamea: Sex During Menopause Can Be Hot, Hot, Hot

Menopause symptoms may not be sexy, but you can still have great sex during menopause. Here’s how to increase your sex drive during menopause.

emdr acronym on wooden cubes

What Is EMDR and How Can It Help Trauma Survivors?

The breakthrough therapy helps your brain heal itself

Meg Weber

EMDR Therapy Helped Me Heal from Trauma. Now I Use it to Help My Clients.

After EMDR helped me process my sister’s suicide, I decided to help others through EMDR therapy

Deborah Norville

Deborah Norville Keeps Her Viewers Close and Her Doctors Closer

TV anchor and journalist Deborah Norville reflects on her journey with thyroid cancer

Women Who Have Never Smoked Can Get Lung Cancer

Women Who Have Never Smoked Can Get Lung Cancer

Learn the risk factors, symptoms and causes of lung cancer in non-smokers

 Mujeres que nunca han fumado pueden desarrollar cáncer pulmonar

Mujeres que nunca han fumado pueden desarrollar cáncer pulmonar

Obtén información acerca de los factores de riesgo, síntomas y causas de cáncer pulmonar de personas que no fuman

Female medical practitioner reassuring a patient

Clinically Speaking: What Are the Surgical Treatments for Fibroids?

An OB-GYN surgeon talks treatments and options for these common uterine growths

Female medical practitioner reassuring a patient

Conversación sobre la salud: ¿Qué son los tratamientos quirúrgicos para fibromas?

Una cirujana ginecóloga obstetra habla sobre los tratamientos y opciones para estas protuberancias uterinas frecuentes

Resources for Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Resources for Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer

A metastatic breast cancer diagnosis is life-changing. Watch this video to learn about supports that are available to improve your quality of life.

Robotic surgery and automated medicine technology concept with patient receiving treatment in modern clinic,

Fast Facts: What You Need to Know About OB-GYN Robotic-Assisted Surgery

The field of robotic-assisted OB-GYN surgery is growing. Here’s what you should know.