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Jenn Todryk

HGTV’s Jenn Todryk Gets Candid About Managing Hashimoto’s Disease

The network star talks thyroid troubles, tough days and how viewers inspire her

Nicole Ari Parker at home

Nicole Ari Parker on Choosing to Protect Herself and Her Family from Covid

We talked with the actor about vaccine options and staying healthy on and off the stage

Deborah Norville

Deborah Norville Keeps Her Viewers Close and Her Doctors Closer

TV anchor and journalist Deborah Norville reflects on her journey with thyroid cancer

Lindsey Vonn

After I Tore My ACL, My Sleep Went Downhill

It was nearly a decade before I got a good night’s sleep again

Angel Yau

Getting Help for Your Mental Health Is Not a Weakness, but Try Telling My Asian Parents That

As Chinese immigrants, my parents taught me their cultural values of hard work and overcoming challenges through helping yourself — but when the challenge is mental health, that approach doesn’t work.

Jaclyn Smith

15 Minutes With: Jaclyn Smith Talks About the 20th Anniversary of Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The Charlie’s Angels star credits her friends with getting her through her treatment

 closeup of Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Bruce Willis

What Is Aphasia? An Expert Explains the Condition Forcing Bruce Willis to Retire From Acting

In a message posted on Instagram, Willis’ daughter, Rumer Willis, said that the condition was “impacting his cognitive abilities.”

Portrait of a beautiful bald black woman

What Is Alopecia? It’s No Laughing Matter for Millions of Black American Women

The Oscar slap seen around the world was sparked by a joke about Jada Pinket Smith’s shaved head. Pinkett Smith has been public about her battle with Alopecia.

Mackenzie Phillips

One Day at a Time: Mackenzie Phillips Wants to Help America Recover

NY Times bestselling author and actress Mackenzie Phillips shares her recovery story in hope of inspiring others

Love and Laughter

Love and Laughter

Comedian, actress, television host and bestselling author Loni Love talks about how laughter really is the best medicine

Mayim Bialik

Breaking It Down

Actress Mayim Bialik deconstructs dealing with anxiety and depression throughout her life

Tichina’s Most Important Role

Tichina’s Most Important Role

Tichina Arnold became a lupus warrior, after her younger sister, Zenay, was diagnosed with the disease

Shameless: S. Epatha Merkerson on the Sweet Truth About Diabetes

Shameless: S. Epatha Merkerson on the Sweet Truth About Diabetes

The multi-award-winning actress, best known for Law & Order, opens up

Amy Grant

Not Skipping a Beat

Six-time Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Amy Grant opens up about her recent heart surgery

Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson Is on a Mission

Wilson and her husband, Tom Hanks, contracted COVID-19 in March; now she's partnered with the American Nurses Association to urge Americans to get their flu shot

colorectal cancer word, medical term word with medical concepts in blackboard and medical equipment

Chadwick Boseman’s Death From Colorectal Cancer Underscores an Alarming Increase in Cases Among Younger Adults as Well as Health Gaps for African Americans

The tragic death of Chadwick Boseman at age 43 following a four-year battle against colorectal cancer underscores two important public health concerns.

Marin Hinkle

In a World of Pain

For the first time, award-winning actor Marin Hinkle discusses the chronic pain she's lived with for five years.

Exclusive Interview with Fran Drescher

Exclusive Interview with Fran Drescher

The star of "The Nanny" opens up about her cancer journey.

Cheryl Hines

Cheryl Hines Wants You to Talk About Your Sex Life During Menopause

The Emmy-nominated star recently teamed up with AMAG Pharmaceuticals to raise awareness about an awkward real-life topic: painful sex after menopause.

Demi Lovato Wants to Change the Face of Mental Illness

Demi Lovato Wants to Change the Face of Mental Illness

Demi Lovato has released five best-selling albums and a slew of hit singles. But for the 44 million American adults struggling with mental illness, it's the 24-year-old's decision to share her own mental health battles that may rank as her most meaningful achievement to date.

Kristin Chenoweth

Asthma Will Never Stop Me From Doing What I Love

Actress Kristin Chenoweth was diagnosed with asthma several years ago. She shares her experience firsthand.

Khaliah Ali Knocks Out Obesity

Khaliah Ali Knocks Out Obesity

Daughter of heavyweight champion breaks the cycle and sets new course for her family.

CariDee English

Living with Psoriasis

America's Next Top Model winner talks about her battle with psoriasis