Living with Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions

Millions of Americans live with multiple chronic overlapping pain conditions — and most of them are women

Chronic Care Issues

Fast Facts About Multiple Sclerosis

Women are two to three times more likely than men to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; here's what you need to know

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Important Questions to Ask About Multiple Sclerosis

Q&A with Aliza Ben-Zacharia, PhD

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Suffering From Chronic Pain as a Black Woman

Bias can lead to disparities in diagnosis and treatment of Black women with chronic pain

Chronic Care Issues

There’s a Better Way to Treat Chronic Pain

Pain is impacted by psychological and social factors; it's time to treat it that way.

Chronic Care Issues

Is Long-Term Care Insurance Worth the Money?

Lifetime costs of long-term care can be exorbitant, but long-term care insurance can help — especially if you get it while you're young.

Expert Perspectives

Menopause and Chronic Health Risks

How the loss of estrogen increases our risk of developing chronic health conditions.

Menopause & Aging Well

Are Women With Chronic Conditions Able to Access Care During COVID-19 Pandemic?

We surveyed women with chronic conditions to find out about their ability to access necessary in-clinic treatment.

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Bias, Chronic Pain and Access to Care

Women living with chronic pain face many challenges and disparities when it comes to diagnosis and treatment.

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Chronic Pain for Women Is Real

Chronic pain affects an estimated 100 million Americans, more than the total number who have been diagnosed with diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined.

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How A Company Misappropriated Native American Culture to Sell Health Insurance

People looking for lower cost health insurance may lead them to options that are scams not regulated by state insurance rules. These plans likely don’t meet ACA requirements and can leave people with very high health care the “insurance” won’t pay for, pa

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Chronic Conditions Worsen Coronavirus Risk – Here's How to Manage Them Amid the Pandemic

One important fact must not get overlooked amid this pandemic: Chronic health conditions still need attention.

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Broker Websites Expand Health Plan Shopping Options While Glossing Over Details

Websites for people looking for health insurance may lead them to brokers that offer plans that don’t meet ACA requirements, provide less information about the costs and coverage of those non-ACA plans, and which earn insurance brokers more money.

Prevention & Screenings

Ads For Short-Term Plans Lacking ACA Protections Swamped Consumers' Online Searches

Online searches for health insurance very often bring up ads for short-term plans that don't have to meet ACA minimum requirements, exclude pre-existing conditions; don't cover maternity care, preventive care and may have deductibles of $10,000 or more.

Prevention & Screenings

Fact Check: Who's Right On Protections For Preexisting Conditions? It's Complicated

Proposals to remove the ACA’s protections against discrimination in health insurance based upon preexisting conditions are both controversial and unclear, but they are being discussed in Congress and in political campaigns.

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