COVID-19 Scams: Not Even Masks Can Protect Us From This Danger

Scammers always prey on the vulnerable. And, with the pandemic looming large, a lot of people are vulnerable right now.

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Many Black Americans Aren’t Rushing To Get the Covid-19 Vaccine — A Long History of Medical Abuse Suggests Why

Black people are acutely aware of the history of racism in the medical establishment, and the ways it persists today

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15 Minutes With Dr. Sanjay Gupta

In the first part of our two-part interview, Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses what it was like to operate on a brain for the first time, his personal connection to brain health and ways to keep your brain healthy

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Love and Laughter

Comedian, actress, television host and bestselling author Loni Love talks about how laughter really is the best medicine

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COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Are Rare, but Here's How To Report Them if You Have Them

Most COVID-19 vaccine side effects are minor and resolve within a few days


People Over 75 Are First in Line to Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19. The Average Black Person Here Doesn’t Live That Long.

Prioritizing by age might seem like an obvious choice, but it ignores the fact that a smaller share of Black people reach the age of 75 than white people.

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Get the Facts: What You Need To Know About Vaccines

Vaccines are safe and effective — and you should be getting them

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COVID-19 and the Growing Importance of Diverse Participation in Clinical Trials

Women and minorities should join studies to develop more effective treatments


Survey Says: Less Than Half of Respondents Plan To Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Sorting through concerns and clearing up misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccine

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I Live With a Chronic Illness. Vaccines Help Me Stay Alive.

I've done my research, and I have no hesitation about taking the COVID-19 vaccine. I encourage others to do the same.

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An Immune System Specialist Explains Vaccines

HealthyWomen spoke with Sabra Klein, Ph.D., a professor who studies the immune system, about how vaccines work, why it's important to get all doses of a vaccine, herd immunity and more

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How We Got the COVID-19 Vaccine So Quickly and Safely

The COVID-19 vaccine was made in record time, without sacrificing stringent safety measures.

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One Year on, Muslim Women Reflect on Wearing the Niqab in a Mask-wearing World

Racialized perceptions related to masks have put an additional burden on groups that already experience racism and inequality.

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15 Minutes With Dr. Fauci

We spoke with the nation's leading infectious disease expert to get answers to the questions everyone's asking

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