Amid COVID and Racial Unrest, Black Churches Put Faith in Mental Health Care

As Black people face an onslaught of emotions and isolation, churches play a crucial role in addressing the mental health of their members

Self-Care & Mental Health

Your Brain’s Built-in Biases Insulate Your Beliefs From Contradictory Facts

Our cognitive bias can lead to irrational decisions, with devastating public health consequences

Science and Technology

‘An Arm and a Leg’: How to Avoid a Big Bill for Your COVID Test

In this podcast from Kaiser Health News, a top health reporter shares her tips on how to avert a surprise bill

Science and Technology

Why the Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine Is Now a Global Game Changer

With AstraZeneca joining Pfizer and Moderna in developing an effective vaccine for COVID-19, the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is getting brighter

Your Health

As CDC Warns Against Thanksgiving Travel, Here Are a Dozen More Things You Can Do to Help Stop Covid-19

The coronavirus is out of control. Lowering the staggering numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths lies squarely with us.

Your Health

Put That Cigarette Out

Smoking is dangerous, but quitting's not easy. Here are some tips for how to quit for good.

Your Body

Virus Evolution Could Undermine a Covid-19 Vaccine – but This Can Be Stopped

Could a vaccine that is safe and effective in initial trials go on to fail because the virus evolves its way out of trouble?

Science and Technology

No, Soaring Covid-19 Cases Are Not Due to More Testing – They Show a Surging Pandemic

High and rising test-positivity rates provide more evidence that COVID-19 is spreading uncontrollably around the country, overwhelming ICUs

Science and Technology

Some Promising News About a COVID-19 Vaccine

Pfizer's vaccine has been shown to be 95% effective against COVID-19

Science and Technology

Long-Term Care Workers, Grieving and Under Siege, Brace for COVID’s Next Round

Those who take care of older adults are suffering as their patients continue to get sick and die from COVID-19

Self-Care & Mental Health

A New Data-Driven Model Shows That Wearing Masks Saves Lives – and the Earlier You Start, the Better

Big transformational reforms are unlikely, but the new administration can make smaller changes that will improve the lives of millions of Americans

Science and Technology

How to Have a Safe and Chill Thanksgiving

Tips for traveling and spending meaningful time at home

Family & Caregiving

The Connection Between Obesity and COVID-19

People with obesity face greater risk of developing many diseases, including Covid-19. Here's how to begin your weight loss journey.

Nutrition & Movement

Why Scientists and Public Health Officials Need to Address Vaccine Mistrust Instead of Dismissing It

As the world awaits a COVID-19 vaccine, scientists and public health officials must anticipate and address people's concerns over its safety.

Prevention & Screenings