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Pregnancy & Postpartum

Browse the list below for information on trying to conceive, having a healthy pregnancy, preparing for labor and delivery, breastfeeding, healing after childbirth and bringing your baby home.

pregnancy testTrying to Get Pregnant
Getting Pregnant After the Age of 35
Fertility-Boosting Foods
5 Ways to Prepare for Pregnancy
Infertility and Your Relationship
Support for Fertility Challenges
Trying to Conceive: 10 Questions to Ask

Q: I've been taking antidepressant medication for years. Now, I'm trying to get pregnant. Should I stop taking my medication?
Q: We've been trying to get pregnant for months now, but there is no passion left. How do we rekindle the flame?
Q: What special precautions do I need to take if I have scleroderma and want to have a baby?
Q: I'm 32 years old and have been diagnosed with endometriosis, which is interfering with my ability to get pregnant. I've been reading about the influence of free radicals in endometriosis. Can you explain what this is?
Q: I was diagnosed with endometriosis and would now like to get pregnant. What are my chances?

First Signs of Pregnancy
Who's Who on Your Prenatal Team
Pregnancy Nutrition Dos and Don'ts
Common Physical Changes During Pregnancy
Vaccines During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Stay Healthy Throughout Your Pregnancy
Tips for Your First Trimester
Tips for Your Second Trimester
Tips for Your Third Trimester
Prenatal Tests
What to Take With You to the Hospital
Endometriosis and Pregnancy
Staying Fit While Pregnant
What to Expect From Prenatal Genetic Testing
Understanding Preeclampsia During Pregnancy
Amniocentesis: Do I Need It?
Sex During Pregnancy: What Works, What Doesn't
Prenatal Testing: What Exams to Get During Your Second Trimester?
Prenatal testing: Exams to Prepare for During Your Third Trimester
Medication Safety and Pregnancy
Pregnancy Brain: Does It Exist?
Choosing a Midwife: What You Need to Know
Dressing Your Bump: Pregnancy Clothes Don't Have to Sacrifice Style
Vaginal Bleeding During the Second Half of Pregnancy: Should You Be Worried?
When to Tell People You're Pregnant

pregnant couple
Q: I'm expecting twins. Can I prevent a bed-rest recommendation from my obstetrician?
Q: Is amniocentesis my only screening option? I've heard it's risky
Q: During my upcoming amniocentesis I would like to have amniotic fluid collected for banking. What can I expect? Will this affect my procedure or have any bearing on my test results?
Q: I'm entering my second trimester and want to start exercising. I'm a fairly fit and very healthy person but hadn't been exercising prior to becoming pregnant. Is it OK to start an exercise program now?
Q: I'll be pregnant during flu season, and I'm worried about having the flu vaccine. Is it safe?
Q: I've just entered my second trimester and my doctor is concerned that I've already gained too much weight. How can I eat well and give my baby all the nutrients it needs without adding on too much extra weight? And, please don't ask me to give up dessert!
Q: Since I've gotten pregnant, I've heard a lot about gestational diabetes. Can you tell me what the risk factors are for this condition? Are there any preventive measures I can take?
Q: What does an eating plan for a pregnant woman look like?
Q: What are the three most important dietary changes I should make during my pregnancy?
Q: What is gestational diabetes? How is it diagnosed and treated?

Labor and Delivery
Pain Management Options
Understanding Cesarean Section
How Will I Know I'm in Labor
Cord Blood Storage
Should I Bank My Amniotic Fluid

Feeding Your Baby
Breastfeeding Tips for Working Moms
Breastfeeding Tips: 10 Questions to Ask
Using a Breast Pump
Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms
Essential Tips for Feeding Your Infant
12 Steps to Safe Formula Feeding
Starting Your Baby on Solid Foods

Breastfeeding Resources
Baby's First Week Chart (pdf)
Breastfeeding Diary (pdf)

Q: I am 23 years old. I was breastfeeding my 12-month-old boy and weaned him several weeks ago. Now I am experiencing some pain in my right breast, as if it were clogged. What can I do to take care of this problem?
Q: Can I feed my baby breast milk and have my husband and mother feed him formula when I'm at work? If so, how do I maintain my breast milk production?
Q: If you have a hysterectomy, is it possible to still produce breast milk?
Q: I'm a new mom, and I've been breastfeeding for three months. When is a good time to make the transition from breast milk to food? What are the best foods to start with?
Q: I'll be breastfeeding during flu season. What happens if I get sick?

mother and babyAfter Childbirth
Healing After Childbirth
Returning to the Bedroom After Childbirth
From Partners to Parents
Sex after Baby—Rediscovering Your Sexual Self
10 Tips for Losing Your Post-Baby Belly
Important Milestones: Help Your Baby Grow
Feeling Blue? Learn the Difference Between Perinatal Depression and "Baby Blues"

Q: I had a baby six months ago. I've started doing my cardio workouts again, but I can't seem to lose the excess weight around my belly. Any ideas?
Q: I'm eight months pregnant, still active and want to get my body back in shape as soon as possible after giving birth. If I have a vaginal delivery, can I start exercising right away?

Postpartum Exercises
Nutrition Tips for New Moms
Fashion Tips for New Moms

Living With Multiples
Taking Care of Your Newborn
Talking to Tweens and Teens about Sex
Raising a Happy and Healthy Child
Nutrition and Exercise Needs of Your Teen
Sex and Your Teen
Eating Disorders and Your Teen
Your Teen's Health: What Every Mom Should Know About Puberty, Teens and Hormones
5 Summer Safety Tips
Fit as a Family
Keeping Little Ones Safe: Key Health & Safety Tips
Child Health Guidelines
Protecting Your Children from Common Allergens
Medication Safety and Your Child
Vaccination Schedule for Children
2 Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep
6 Teething Relief Methods That Really Work

Q: As a parent who has always struggled with weight issues, what, if anything, can I do to help my children avoid a constant battle with their weight?
Q: I'll be breastfeeding during flu season. What happens if I get sick?
Q: I have two sons (ages 6 and 10) whose diets sorely lack in fruits and vegetables. I try to show a good example by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, but the best results from my boys are a rarely eaten apple or nibbling at mashed potatoes or a few ears of corn. What can I do?
Q: I'm a new mom, and I've been breastfeeding for three months. When is a good time to make the transition from breast milk to food? What are the best foods to start with?
Q: My daughter and her boyfriend are seniors in high school and sexually active. We have talked about it some, but I'm not sure how to proceed. I want to maintain a good relationship without condoning their sexual activity.

Clipping Your Baby's Nails
Flying with a Newborn

A Healthy Start: Bonding With Your Adopted Baby
Considering Surrogacy? Get the Answers You Need
The Chosen One: Announcing an Adoption and Bonding With Baby
Broaching the Subject: Your Child's Understanding of Adoption
Adopting a Child: Ensuring That You're Ready
For Expecting Mothers: Deciding Whether Adoption Is the Right Choice
Post-Adoption Depressive Syndrome: It's Not Unusual to Feel Sad After an Adoption

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