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Dressing Your Bump: Pregnancy Clothes Don’t Have to Sacrifice Style

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Don't hide your beautiful growing belly behind frumpy, unflattering pregnancy clothes. Many stylists and designers recognize that pregnancy does not mean giving up on fashion. As such, many have created maternity clothing and guidelines so that pregnant women can embrace this special time in their lives with style.

Even though your body may be changing, you are still the same person, and that means you shouldn't shy away from styles you wore before becoming pregnant. If you previously enjoyed wearing fitted tops that showed a little cleavage, continue to be your sexy self through your pregnancy. If you preferred a more athletic look, then don't think that you suddenly need to wear flowing, floral prints, just because you're pregnant.

Dressing the way that makes you feel beautiful and unique can keep you feeling positive, happy and comfortable in your skin, even as you face a big life change.

As with your regular wardrobe, a pregnancy wardrobe requires staple pieces. These typically consist of a black dress, basic camisoles and T-shirts, a pair of comfortable pants and a good pair of jeans. You may also need some business basics for your job. Purchasing a nice-quality cardigan can be a great investment because it can be worn often and is sure to keep you feeling warm and luxurious. Layering allows you to add or remove clothes as your body temperature changes.

Shoes are also an important part of dressing for maternity. Pregnancy can leave your feet bloated and sore from the extra weight you're carrying, and they sometimes swell or even grow a half-size or so during pregnancy. It's a good idea to avoid high heels because they can make these issues worse, as well as making you more unstable at a time when balance can be thrown off by your expanding belly.

Ballet flats are a stylish alternative, but many lack arch support and padding, so try using insoles or seeking a supportive pair. Backless shoes and sandals can also be comfortable because they allow your feet to swell slightly. As always, the reliable sneaker is comfortable, versatile and comes in styles to suit all tastes.

Thankfully, retailers and designers have taken the hint in recent years that not all pregnant women want to be adorned in tent-like muumuus and pastel floral prints. A few sites to check out include:

  1. A Pea in the Pod, which offers everything from clothing to jackets to swimwear, including several designer lines that feature lingerie, leggings, jeans, printed and embellished tops and dresses.
  2. Stella Maternity, which features trendy maternity clothes from cheeky loungewear to elegant special occasion dresses, some from your favorite designers.

Don't be afraid to find your fashion faves, even as your body grows and changes.

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