Closing the Racial Gap in Breastfeeding

More Black mothers are choosing to breastfeed and changing the narrative around breastfeeding in the Black community.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

When My Breasts Didn't Work, I Nursed My Baby Anyway

I wish someone had had the foresight and compassion to explain I was showing all the risk factors for breast hypoplasia.

Real Women, Real Stories

How My Struggle to Breastfeed Led to Postpartum Anxiety

I'd always been a good student and so of course, I wanted to get breastfeeding right. But it was challenging and affected my mental health greatly.

Real Women, Real Stories

Infant Feeding Choices: What Parents Are Saying

If you’ve ever felt judged by any of your parenting choices, you’re not alone. Read what 1,202 mothers and caregivers had to say during a recent survey.

Your Health

Breastfeeding Problems and How to Solve Them

Not all moms and babies get the hang of breastfeeding right away. Here are some potential breastfeeding problems you may encounter and some solutions.

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Even Partial Breastfeeding for First Few Months Lowers SIDS Risk

New research confirms that breastfeeding for two to four months of a newborn's life can significantly reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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How to Wean Your Child From Breastfeeding

If you or your baby has decided that it's time to stop breastfeeding, here are some tips to help weaning go better for you both.

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