Pointers for Easier Potty Training

There's no magic age for potty training, but your toddler will need to be physically, emotionally and mentally ready. Here are some potty training tips.

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A Sleepy Child Is More Likely to Pile on Pounds

Poor sleep may make your children more than just grumpy, a new study suggests.

Self-Care & Mental Health

Most U.S. Parents Can't Find Good Childcare

Two-thirds of U.S. parents with young children say it's difficult to find a childcare or preschool facility that meets their health and safety standards, new survey results show.

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When Should You Rush Your Toddler to the ER?

Many American parents aren't sure when to rush their child to the emergency room, a new survey finds.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease May Raise Cancer Risk in Kids

Children with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) face an increased risk of cancer, a new study claims.

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Serious Reactions to Vaccines Rarely Recur

When a child has a serious reaction to a vaccine, the chances of it happening again are slim, a new analysis suggests.

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Cookies, Apples or Yogurt? Not Always a Simple Choice for Kids

Kids are driven mostly by food preferences—not healthy eating—in choosing their snacks. But some can be swayed by food brands and their own allowance, according to new research.

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Kids Who Skip Breakfast Miss Out on Vital Nutrients

Kids who skip breakfast may not get recommended amounts of nutrients such as calcium and iron, British researchers suggest.

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ER Rates in France Soar as Toddlers Accidentally Ingest Pot

Emergency room admissions for toddlers accidentally intoxicated by marijuana increased 133 percent over a decade in France, a new study finds.

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How to Wean Your Child From Breastfeeding

If you or your baby has decided that it's time to stop breastfeeding, here are some tips to help weaning go better for you both.

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The Neighborhood Sandbox: A Breeding Ground for Germs

Kids love to play in sandboxes, and it helps them develop motor and social skills.

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The Major Issue With Poor Sleep in Preschool Years

Preschoolers who get too little sleep may be more likely to have trouble paying attention, controlling their emotions and processing information later in childhood, a new study suggests.

Self-Care & Mental Health

More Babies in Strollers, Cribs Winding Up in ER

A growing number of babies and toddlers are landing in the emergency room for injuries related to strollers, cribs and other nursery products, a new U.S. study finds.

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