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Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas Moms With Younger Kids Will Love

These are the best gifts any mom with little kids will appreciate—and they don't require planning or going to a store.

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So it's just before Mother's Day and uh-oh, you just realized the holiday is right around the corner. And worse, you don't have a gift. What to do?

Fortunately, the best gifts any mom with younger kids will love can be given without much planning—or going to a store. Lucky you! You can thank us later.

Let her sleep in. Really. Let her sleep for as long as she wants. At some point, you might think, I should go wake her up. Don't. Get the kids up in the morning, keep them quiet and ensure they understand that it's a special day for mom to get some much-needed rest.

Serve her breakfast-in-bed. As long as this breakfast is served later than normal (once she's gotten her sleep), mom will probably love seeing the efforts of her children's little fingers! It doesn't have to be the best meal—just make sure some heart was put into it.

Make brunch reservations at an adult restaurant. Breakfast-in-bed is sweet, but, if you can arrange for a babysitter, she might enjoy getting dressed and going out to a non-kid-friendly restaurant. It's not that she doesn't enjoy her kids, but it's rare that moms of little kids get to be adults and enjoy an uninterrupted meal that they didn't prepare.

Let her enjoy a long, hot shower or bath. A long, hot shower or a soak in the tub is a luxury for many moms. For moms who have insanely busy days taking care of little ones, showers are about maintaining basic hygiene like a good adult. And often, little ones find their way into the bathroom. There are rare moments when she can really relax and enjoy an uninterrupted shower or bath.

Send her out on her own. If you have plans to celebrate together as a family, find some time she can enjoy going out on her own. It doesn't matter what she's doing—just let her go alone and enjoy being out without having to wrangle tots.

Order in and clean up. Give mom a break from having to worry about what's for dinner and post-dinner cleanup. Find a restaurant that will deliver (preferably something other than pizza!) and use paper plates or make sure to wash the dishes yourself.

Moms love being with their kids and families, but sometimes the best gifts you can give a mom of little kids are alone time and a break.

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