Women of Color Spend More Than $8 Billion on Bleaching Creams Worldwide Every Year

Bleaching the skin is common. It's also potentially life-threatening and harms women's self esteem.

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5 Fabulous Products for Dry Skin

Dry skin happens, especially in the winter and even more so as we age. Check out these products to ease dry skin all over your body.

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Why Your Lips Are Chapped (and How to Help Them)

You’ve had them at some point in your life and you may even have them now. Here's what you can do to help your chapped lips.

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Study Finds That Sunscreen Chemicals Are Absorbed Into Body

The chemicals in sunscreens help shield people from the sun's rays, but they are also absorbed into the body at levels that raise some safety questions.

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Hold On to Summer With These Health Habits

Some of us are tempted to stash the sunscreen and sunglasses at the end of summer, but it's healthier to apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses year-round.

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The Best Products for Hair Removal

As hormones change around menopause, many women notice an increase in unwanted facial hair. There are many options for managing that hairy situation.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Who Do I Need to Call?

Many women want younger looking skin, but don't know where to start. Nurse Barb Dehn offers advice on options for deciding on a treatment right for you.

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How to Worship the Sun Without Getting Burned

The dangers of the sun are real, but there are ways to enjoy the sun without getting burned.

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10 Things You Must Know to Practice Safe Sun Care

You don't have to avoid the sun entirely, but you must learn how to use sunscreen correctly and follow safe sun practices to avoid skin cancer and prematurely aged skin.

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Anxiety and Acne: What’s the Connection?

Are you stressed because of your acne or is your stress causing your acne? It may work both ways.

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8 DIY and Natural Skincare Solutions for Better Self-Care

As a certified fitness professional and registered yoga teacher, taking care of my body is something I prioritize—and this includes my skincare.

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Sunscreen's Secret Bonus: It Could Help Keep You Cool

Sunscreen may do double duty when you're outside on a summer day, keeping you cool as it protects your skin from the sun's harmful rays.

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Does Your Face Become Lopsided As You Age?

New research shows that differences between the two sides of your face increase with age.

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Is This Body Part Aging You?

We worry about wrinkles on our face, but do you know what lines and wrinkles can show your age even sooner?

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The Stigma of Psoriasis

Though psoriasis is not contagious, many Americans shun people with the skin condition.

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