What Women Need to Know About the Textured Breast Implant Recall

Here are the facts on the recent textured breast implant recall, and most importantly, whether you need to worry or not.

FDA Approves a New Flu Medication

This year, for the first time in two decades, health care providers will have a new drug to prescribe to patients sick with influenza. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Xofluza in October.

Could Eating a Hot Pepper Send You to the ER?

A new case report suggests that eating some of the hottest peppers may hurt more than just your mouth.

'One-Stop' Blood Test for Cancer Shows Early Promise

In an early step toward "one-stop" screening for cancer, researchers report they've developed a blood test that can detect eight types of the disease.

Feeling Sexually Harassed? You're Not Alone

Before the #MeToo movement and the fall of numerous powerful men accused of sexual harassment, researchers surveyed thousands of women and found the problem to be widespread.

Even Light Drinking May Raise Your Cancer Risk

Maybe you should skip that glass of wine tonight, because even light drinking increases your risk of cancer, warns a new statement from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

Who's Likely to Fall for Fake News?

Folks who rely on their "gut feelings" to form opinions are more likely to believe fake news than others, researchers report.

Higher Cigarette Taxes May Mean Fewer Infant Deaths

A new European study finds that when the price of cigarettes rises, infant deaths decline.

Harvey's Wrath Still Poses Risks to Children

Safety measures must be a priority for children returning to Houston and other communities affected by flooding from Hurricane Harvey, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Harvey's Floodwaters Harbor Many Health Hazards

Texans trapped in the unprecedented flooding wrought by Hurricane Harvey now face untold health hazards, officials say.

Medical Reality Catches Up to Science Fiction

Average folks may one day be able to use a Star Trek-inspired home medical device to diagnose a dozen different ailments and track five major vital signs, all without needing to draw blood or visit a doctor's office.

Senate Says No to 'Skinny' Obamacare Repeal Bill

In a dramatic overnight showdown, the U.S. Senate early Friday morning rejected by one vote a highly contentious "skinny" repeal bill that would have gutted key elements of the Affordable Care Act.

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