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African woman with hands crossed over heart

Did You Know That Heart Disease Affects Women of Color Differently?

The risk of cardiovascular disease among women, especially women of color, is poorly understood, yet the statistics speak for themselves. Here's what you need to know.

red head woman at the beach applying sunscreen to her face

10 Things You Must Know to Enjoy the Sun Safely

You don't have to avoid the sun entirely, but you must learn how to use sunscreen correctly and follow safe sun practices to avoid skin cancer and prematurely aged skin

7 Simple Ways to Lose Weight After 50

7 Ridiculously Simple and Realistic Ways to Lose Weight After 50

When it comes to shedding pounds, age factors into the equation. Find out how to counter the ways age works against you.

Mature woman doing flow meditation exercise outdoors with sunset background

9 Easy Ways to Fix Your Focus and Improve Concentration

We can do strange things when we multitask and lose focus. Here are some ways to keep your focus from wandering.

woman doing face yoga

Face Yoga 101

Can you om your way to better skin? Here’s the scoop on facial exercises and how to practice them.

Group of food with high content of dietary fiber arranged side by side

5 Foods to Help You Live to 100 (Really)

Eating these powerful and delicious foods can add a few years to your life. Is the blue zone diet the key to healthy aging?

Ways to Cope with Common Menopause Symptoms

Ways to Cope with Common Menopause Symptoms

Learn what common menopause symptoms are and how you can cope with them

Menopause got you down? There’s an app for that.

Menopause Got You Down? There’s an App For That.

How tech can support you through the ups and downs of perimenopause and menopause

Allison Constantino

I Got in the Best Shape of My Life After 50

After a frightening wakeup call, I turned my life around and created the best version of myself

therapist listening to middle-aged female patient asking about Vaginal Atrophy

Clinically Speaking: Questions and Answers About Vaginal Atrophy

Get the answers to your symptom and treatment questions about genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM), formerly known as vaginal atrophy

Preguntas y respuestas relacionadas con la atrofia vaginal

Conversación sobre la salud: Preguntas y respuestas relacionadas con la atrofia vaginal

Obtén respuestas a preguntas relacionadas con los síntomas y tratamientos del síndrome genitourinario de la menopausia (SGUM), conocido anteriormente como atrofia vaginal

How the Stigma of Menopause and Aging Affect Women’s Experiences

How the Stigma of Menopause and Aging Affect Women’s Experiences

The experience of menopause isn’t always universal — your ethnicity, your community, your family and your friends can have an impact on how you feel

Why Alcohol Affects You More As You Age

Why Alcohol Affects You More As You Age

As you get older and your metabolism slows, that one glass might feel like much more — and that can be bad news for your overall health

Must-Know Winter Makeup Tips

Must-Know Winter Makeup Tips

These winter makeup tips will help you look bright, radiant and cheery even in harsh winter weather

illustration of a woman holding a cloud on her back

Women in the Middle

HealthyWomen takes on midlife women’s health to make sure no one feels alone

Blue ballpoint pen and a last will and testament

End-of-Life Planning 101

Making financial and medical plans for your end of life is important. Here’s how to get started.

mature businesswoman looking stressed out while working late in an office

Top 10 Menopause Symptoms

Learn what symptoms can you expect during perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause

Woman having a hot flash

Once Hot Flashes Fade, Are There Lasting Health Impacts?

Research shows that hot flashes may signal potential health risks years later

Dr. Octavia Cannon

A Conversation with Dr. Octavia Cannon About How Race Can Influence Menopause

Although every woman goes through menopause once they reach a certain age, it can be more difficult for women of color

Sherell Flagg in 2021

Black Women Often Suffer in Silence During Menopause. I’m Going to Keep Talking.

I’m working to fight the stigma that leads so many women to being unprepared for the mental and physical changes of menopause

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is key to a healthy brain and a healthy body. Watch this video for some tips for sleeping well.

Black woman at home refreshing during summer haze

Is It Menopause or Something Else?

Menopause shares symptoms with many health conditions — some of them serious

Adult and child hands holding encephalography brain

How Much Do You Know About Alzheimer’s Disease?

Take our quiz to find out about this common brain disorder

woman suffers from heat in the office

From Hot Flashes to Night Sweats, a Rundown of Vasomotor Symptoms During Menopause

VMS, which includes symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, can be a difficult issue for many women. Here’s what to know about navigating it.