September is National Suicide Prevention Month.

What Dr. Virginia Lindahl Wants You to Know About Suicide

Educating yourself about suicide risks and prevention could help you save someone's life

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When Stigma Kills

Attitudes about mental health in the Black community are changing, but there’s still stigma surrounding mental health diagnoses

Austin Weirich with his mom, Leslie, on their last Mother’s Day together, 2016.

My Son Didn’t Commit a Crime When He Took His Own Life

Losing Austin forced me to understand that suicide isn’t a choice. Now, I’m on a mission to save others who may be at risk.

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Racial Discrimination Is Linked to Suicidal Thoughts in Black Adults and Children

150 years after slavery was aboloished, Black Americans are still grappling with the effects of structural and everyday forms of racism that permeate U.S. customs, culture and laws

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Americans Are in a Mental Health Crisis – Especially African Americans. Can Churches Help?

During the summer of 2020, a CDC survey found that 15% of Black respondents had "seriously considered suicide in the past 30 days," compared with 8% of white respondents

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American Muslims Are at High Risk of Suicide – 20 Years Post-9/11, the Links Between Islamophobia and Suicide Remain Unexplored

American Muslims are two times as likely to attempt suicide compared to other major faith groups

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Pandemic Unveils Growing Suicide Crisis for Communities of Color

Research shows that while suicide rates have dropped for white Americans in recent years, it is a growing crisis for communities of color

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Conversion Therapy Is Discredited and Increases Risk of Suicide – yet Fewer Than Half of US States Have Bans in Place

Conversion therapy, or the practice of attempting to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity, is based on an outdated and incorrect notion that such identities are a choice that can be changed

New Antidepressants Can Lift Depression and Suicidal Thoughts Fast, but Don’t Expect Magic Cures

New Antidepressants Can Lift Depression and Suicidal Thoughts Fast, but Don’t Expect Magic Cures

Alleviating major depression for the long term involves more than just drugs

Media Reports of Celeb Suicides May Trigger 'Copycat' Tragedies

Media Reports of Celeb Suicides May Trigger 'Copycat' Tragedies

News reports on suicides may be quickly followed by a bump in suicide rates—especially if they contain details that sensationalize the tragedy.