Now More Than Ever, Vaccines Are a Vital Public Health Tool

Our new vaccines education program separates fact from fiction

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COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Are Rare, but Here's How To Report Them if You Have Them

Most COVID-19 vaccine side effects are minor and resolve within a few days


Common Concerns About Vaccines

What people worry about when it comes to vaccines — and the answers that might make them feel better

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6 Common Concerns of Vaccine-Hesitant People

When it comes to vaccine hesitancy, addressing concerns with compassion and respect is the best way to go

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What You Need to Know About Adult Vaccines and Boosters

Vaccines aren't just for children. Here's what you need to know about the vaccines you may need as an adult.

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With Vaccinations, Your Voice Matters

How shared decision-making works when it comes to vaccines

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Get the Facts: What You Need To Know About Vaccines

Vaccines are safe and effective — and you should be getting them

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Survey Says: Less Than Half of Respondents Plan To Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Sorting through concerns and clearing up misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccine

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Please Get Vaccinated Because I Can’t

Your choice to get vaccinated helps keep me healthy

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Black Organizations Are Doing Their Part to Get More Black People Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Working to overcome mistrust in the Black community, Black organizations hope to serve as a trusted source to combat vaccine hesitancy

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I Live With a Chronic Illness. Vaccines Help Me Stay Alive.

I've done my research, and I have no hesitation about taking the COVID-19 vaccine. I encourage others to do the same.

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An Immune System Specialist Explains Vaccines

HealthyWomen spoke with Sabra Klein, Ph.D., a professor who studies the immune system, about how vaccines work, why it's important to get all doses of a vaccine, herd immunity and more

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Vaccine Hesitancy vs. Vaccine Refusal: Nursing Home Staffers Say There’s a Difference

Across the country, 15% of healthcare workers who've been offered the COVID-19 vaccine have opted not to get it. For some, their decision is only temporary.

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15 Minutes With Dr. Fauci

We spoke with the nation's leading infectious disease expert to get answers to the questions everyone's asking

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When Your Chance for a Covid Shot Comes, Don’t Worry About the Numbers

With a third authorized COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, experts advise taking the first one available to you

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