I’m Hiking the Appalachian Trail From Home. Here’s How You Can, Too.

My phone is helping me complete the 2,190 mile virtual hike, starting from my own front door.

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My Large Breasts Used to Hold Me Back: How I’m Loving Life After My Breast Reduction

Having smaller breasts has made my world bigger

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Exercise and Diet Are More Important Than Ever With Virus at Large

The double challenge of protecting our health, including our immune systems, while battling unhealthy temptations is a common struggle.

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Fall Back Into Health

The stress of COVID-19 has led many of us to some unhealthy habits; here's how to get back on track.

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The Secret to Combating Perimenopause Weight Gain

Stick to whole grains and greens, stay hydrated and exercise.

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5 Top Resolutions That Pay Off Big-Time

Four of 10 Americans make resolutions each new year. The biggest payoff comes from ones that lead to better health. Here are five fabulous health resolutions.

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Big Resolutions, Small Changes: What Science Tells Us About Changing our Behavior

2020 brings the opportunity for fresh starts and resolutions, but every resolution brings the question: How will we keep the promises we make to ourselves?

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Vigorous Exercise May Extend a Woman's Life

Serious sweat sessions at the gym have longterm health benefits, including lowering your risk of dying from heart disease, cancer or other causes, a new study found.

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35 Extra Minutes of Exercise Slashes Depression Risk

Both high-intensity workouts, such as aerobic exercise or using exercise machines, and low-intensity activity, such as yoga or stretching, can lower depression risk.

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Tough Mom Tips That Will Inspire You

This mom of three kids shares her love of Tough Mudder races and how she became herself again after having children. 

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Exercising Before Breakfast Brings More Health Benefits

By changing the timing of when you eat and exercise, people can better control their blood-sugar levels. Learn more about this and other health headlines from the week.

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The 4 Vital Signs That Matter Most in Older Adults

You may think your pulse, blood pressure and weight are your most important vital signs, but grip strength, walking speed, the ability to do a push-up and the number of medications you take may be more important. 

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Exercise Is Good Medicine for Advanced Colon Cancer

Waging a successful battle against advanced colon cancer should include regular doses of exercise, a new study suggests.

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Could Exercise in Pregnancy Boost Baby's Health?

Regular aerobic exercise during pregnancy may improve baby's motor skills and may even lead to more active kids later on, a new study suggests.

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