Exercise and Diet Are More Important Than Ever With Virus at Large

The double challenge of protecting our health, including our immune systems, while battling unhealthy temptations is a common struggle.

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Fall Back Into Health

The stress of COVID-19 has led many of us to some unhealthy habits; here's how to get back on track.

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The Secret to Combating Perimenopause Weight Gain

Stick to whole grains and greens, stay hydrated and exercise.

Menopause & Aging Well

35 Extra Minutes of Exercise Slashes Depression Risk

Both high-intensity workouts, such as aerobic exercise or using exercise machines, and low-intensity activity, such as yoga or stretching, can lower depression risk.

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Tough Mom Tips That Will Inspire You

This mom of three kids shares her love of Tough Mudder races and how she became herself again after having children. 

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Exercising Before Breakfast Brings More Health Benefits

By changing the timing of when you eat and exercise, people can better control their blood-sugar levels. Learn more about this and other health headlines from the week.

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