Healthy for the Holidays

Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Tools to be your healthiest self — mind and body — this holiday season

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How to Stay Cool About Hot Button Issues at Holiday Parties

Here’s what to say and do when your Aunt Bertha is mouthing off during the holidays

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HealthyWomen's Staff Picks for Holiday Gifts

Check out our holiday gift guide for what’s on our list with a healthy twist

How to Stay Healthy During Holiday Flights

How to Stay Healthy During Holiday Air Travel

Instead of dreading holiday flights, prepare for the trip and embrace the experience. Simple things like staying hydrated and limiting caffeine can help.

Holiday Wellness Gift Guide for Winter and Beyond

The Best Holiday Gift Guide for the Health-Conscious Woman

HealthyWomen’s curated list of gifts to inspire wellness, peace and joy for the holidays and beyond

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How to Get Through the Holidays When Dealing with Grief

Grief can turn the holidays into a difficult time of year, but there are ways to get through it

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Covid-19 Vaccines & FOMO

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or … is it?

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Making the Holidays a Bit Merrier

Tips on how to combat holiday stress

Erin Lessans

After Being in a Toxic Marriage, I'm Finding Joy in Hanukkah Again

I’ve always valued the traditions surrounding the Jewish holidays. Now I’m free to enjoy them guilt-free.

Healthy for the Holidays: Live Events

Healthy for the Holidays: Webinars

From mental health to financial well-being, join experts from the HealthyWomen community for these informative webinars

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How to Have a Safe and Chill Thanksgiving

Tips for traveling and spending meaningful time at home

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5 Reasons Why Energy Dips at Holiday Time

The demands of the holidays can zap your energy. With the new year arriving, here are some tips for how to recover your energy and stay healthy.

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10 Gifts of Generosity

You may be short on time or money for finding the perfect holiday gift. If so, here are 10 gifts of kindness that cost little or nothing but will mean a lot.

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A Spiritual Holiday Gift Guide Filled With Purpose and Meaning

If you want a gift that is a little different and has some spiritual purpose or meaning, check out these ideas from blogger Judy Freedman.

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Ways to Escape Holiday Madness Together

The whirlwind of holiday activity can become an emotional vortex. Look to your partner to join you in these activities that can replenish your energy and your connection.

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12 Ways to Stay on Track With Your Health Goals During the Holidays

Some of the good things about the holidays—like good food and family gatherings—can go bad when you go overboard. Try these tricks for keeping your health on track.

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Self-Care Rituals to Reduce Holiday Stress

Don't let holiday stress take a toll on your physical and mental health and well-being. Try these tips to reduce stress during the holidays.

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Holiday Foods That Are Actually Good for You

Some favorite holiday foods—like cranberry sauce, turkey and green beans—can be healthy if you watch how they're prepared and how much you eat!

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Don't Wish for That Gift—Buy It Yourself!

Many women have some secret wishes on their holiday wish-list, often related to self-care or health pampering. Consider giving yourself one of these gifts this season.

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It's Time for My 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Blogger Judy Freedman recommends holiday gifts for women from the NY NOW Home and Lifestyle Show.

How to Avoid Suitcase Strain This Holiday Season

How to Avoid Suitcase Strain This Holiday Season

In 2017, more than 85,000 people were treated in U.S. emergency rooms, doctors' offices and clinics for injuries related to luggage.

Happy extended family talking on Thanksgiving dinner at dining table, while senior man is carving meat.

12 Easy Ways to Avoid the Thanksgiving Faux Pas

Whatever else you bring to the Thanksgiving gathering, remember to bring your manners and civility to avoid a Thanksgiving Faux Pas.