How to Ditch Dieting for Good

If you're tired of dieting, it's time to try intuitive eating, a common-sense approach to eating that encourages you to trust your own inner cues.

Nutrition & Movement

Eating Disorders in Midlife

You may think only young women struggle with eating disorders, but the fluctuating hormones and stresses of midlife also put women at risk for eating disorders.

Menopause & Aging Well

Are Breast Implants Safe?

The FDA reports an increase in the number of cancer cases linked to breast implants, but some experts still say the implants are generally safe, despite the rise in breast implant-associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma.


Menopause and Eating Disorders

Women are more vulnerable to eating disorders during periods of reproductive hormone change, so when estrogen falls during menopause, eating disorders rise.

Menopause & Aging Well

That Store Mannequin May Be Anorexic

In the static but stylish world of store mannequins, the female versions may be sending a message that eating disorders are OK, a new study suggests.


How to Win at the Losing Game

Losing weight isn't hard. Keeping it off is. Maintaining weight loss involves lifestyle changes, a sustainable diet and regular exercise.

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