The Benefits of Bike Riding

You don't have to log thousands of miles to gain rewards from riding your bike more and driving your car less. Bike riding gives you a terrific workout with lots of interest and fun to keep you going.

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Top 5 Exercise Time-Wasters to Trim

We all know that fitting in a workout isn't always easy. With spring just around the corner, here are some tips to maximize your time at the gym.

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peanut butter and banana sandwich

Top 5 Snacks to Fuel Your Workout

Find out what foods are best to eat before workouts and try these top snacks to fuel your workout.

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6 Excuse-Proof Exercises

Don't leave yourself any reasons to not get in shape this season.

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middle aged woman practicing Tai Chi

Learning a Sport at Midlife or Beyond

It's not too late to try a new sport. Get ideas and tips on getting started.

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ask the expert

Can you learn Pilates from a DVD? I'd like to learn it, but classes are expensive, especially for lessons offered on Pilates equipment.

What are some good ways to stay in shape when it's too cold to exercise outdoors? Joining a gym is so expensive. Are there any alternatives?