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Nothing is more important to our health than access to competent care and the safety of our medicines and our health care practices. HealthyWomen works to educate women about health policy issues in these and other areas. We recognize the importance of clinical trials to improving women's health and support women's health research, particularly where sex may make a difference in research results.. HealthyWomen advocates on behalf of women to ensure that women's health is a primary focus by policy makers and advocacy groups.

How We Reach Women Our dynamic website was the first website devoted to women's health and dedicated to providing women with comprehensive resources on hundreds of health topics. ForbesWoman named it one of the "Top 100 Websites for Women."

Our online health centers: These web-based health centers are the go-to source for women on topics ranging from pregnancy and parenting and sex and relationships to health policy and healthy aging.

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Our health education campaigns: HealthyWomen excels in conducting nationally recognized health education campaigns with other nonprofit organizations, media, government agencies and the health industry to bring women the latest in health innovation, safety, health policy and access issues.

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