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Surprising Facts About OTC Medicine Safety Parents Should Know

With a little knowledge and care, it is possible to give children medicines safely, responsibly and confidently.

The FDA: A Strong Supporter Of Women's Health

The FDA's Office of Women's Health protects and advances the health of women, so it's important to support full funding for the FDA.

Healthy Living

De-Stress By Decluttering And Organizing Your Home

Living in an organized home—with children—can be a reality.

Pregnancy & Parenting

What Was Your Experience With Postpartum Depression?

If you’ve had a baby, we’d like to understand your experience with postpartum depression. Please take this quick survey.

Healthy Aging

Celebrating Your Health At Every Age

Your body changes with each passing year, so it's important to be aware of and take care of your health needs and concerns at every age.

Healthy Living

Importation Is Not The Answer To Drug Prices

We need to ensure that women and minorities are included in testing of medications and devices.

Do You Know The Signs Of Addiction?

Please take this quick survey on identifying alcohol and drug problems.

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