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tips for osteoarthritis relief

Take healthy steps toward joint pain relief with dance tips from Louis Van Amstel, former Dancing with the Stars professional and creator of LaBlast Fitness. Find out how he's helping to bring relief to the many women—like his mother—who suffer from osteoarthritis joint pain.

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you deserve to be happier

family size matters

There's no one perfect family size, just the size that works for you. Check out resources and information for women who think they may be done having children at familysizematters.com.

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Boredom is a silent killer

Boredom is a silent killer…of your workout goals. Stop doing the same routine over and over, and start trying something new.

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Congratulations to the winners of the Always Discreet giveaway, Alexandra Grabbe of Wellfleet, Mass., and Elaine Ambrose of Eagle, Idaho. It's...
I've been thinking about the word relinquish ever since I went to yoga class where my yoga teacher, P, talked her fellow yogis (of which I am one)...