tips for osteoarthritis relief

Take healthy steps toward joint pain relief with dance tips from Louis Van Amstel, former Dancing with the Stars professional and creator of LaBlast Fitness. Find out how he's helping to bring relief to the many women—like his mother—who suffer from osteoarthritis joint pain.

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small steps to a healthier you

Are your meals beige?

Are your meals beige? Foods with bright colors typically offer more nutritional value, and the more varied your foods, the more balanced your diet will be.

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excess weight and your body infographic

Lose Excess Weight and Improve Your Overall Health

A few extra pounds may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of your health, but you'd be surprised how much each extra pound can affect your body. These tips may help you lose that extra weight.

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Healthy Living Tips - two women together at the gym

Get Motivated: The Workout You Won't Cancel

If you're having trouble making it to the gym or getting out the door for a walk or run, team up with a buddy to keep you on track.

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hpv infographic

Stay Healthy With Pap and HPV Tests

HPV, Pap tests and cervical cancer are all related and can be confusing. This infographic helps separate myth from fact.

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ask the expert

Is it safe to combine pain relievers if one isn't easing my pain?

Why do I need a Pap test and an HPV test?

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My 8-month-old daughter, Lena, started pulling herself up to a standing position. Even though she can't talk, her triumphant, happy squeal let me...
"What is soap?" a 13-year-old girl asked me. By the look of her dirty hands, I knew it was an honest question. A question that would change my...
Today I took part in a satellite media tour to help women learn how to #FeelGreatLookGreat. If you missed out—bummer—it’s OK. Here is a recap of what...