tips for osteoarthritis relief

Take healthy steps toward joint pain relief with dance tips from Louis Van Amstel, former Dancing with the Stars professional and creator of LaBlast Fitness. Find out how he's helping to bring relief to the many women—like his mother—who suffer from osteoarthritis joint pain.

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you deserve to be happier

family size matters

There's no one perfect family size, just the size that works for you. Check out resources and information for women who think they may be done having children at

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small steps to a healthier you

Be thankful!

Be thankful! One of the easiest ways to keep your mood elevated and optimistic is to take time each day for thankfulness.

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I need to regularly monitor my blood pressure and must purchase a blood pressure cuff. Will my insurance cover this?

Is it safe to combine pain relievers if one isn't easing my pain?

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by Su Robotti
Like so many Thanksgiving-themed posts, this one will not be about gratitude. Sure, there are many ways we can—and should—count our blessings on...