Yoga Can Soothe Anxious Grade Schoolers

Yoga at school might work wonders for the younger set, new research suggests.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Menopausal Weight Gain: Fighting Back With Exercise

A regular, moderately challenging exercise regimen will help you control menopausal weight gain and offer other health benefits from stress relief to better sleep.

Menopause & Aging Well

Yoga May Bring Better Sleep to Breast Cancer Patients

A certain type of yoga may provide lasting benefits for breast cancer patients who have trouble sleeping, researchers report.

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People With THIS Should Practice Yoga

The calming poses and meditation of yoga may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to beating depression, new research suggests.

Your Wellness

Serious Yoga Injuries, Though Rare, Are on the Rise

More and more Americans have been taking up yoga in recent years—and their rate of yoga-related injuries has also climbed, a new study finds.

Your Health

Meditation Tricks for Busy Bodies

Even when you're busy, you need time to meditate and relax. Here are some high-tech and low-tech meditation tips and tools.

Self-Care & Mental Health