Boxing Is Helping Me Rage Out My Grief After Losing My Pregnancy and My Father

When tragedy struck, my go-to exercises like yoga and Pilates fell short. Boxing was the unexpected perfect fit.

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The Exercise Pill: How Exercise Keeps Your Brain Healthy and Protects It Against Depression and Anxiety

Regular exercise, especially cardio, changes the brain. The trick is to pick an activity that you love.

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Group Exercise May Be Even Better For You Than Solo Workouts – Here’s Why

If you've been considering joining an online group class – or been encouraged to by others – here are some research-based reasons why that might be a great idea

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For Now, I’m Managing my Unpredictable Chronic Illness With Yoga and Mindfulness

The breathwork and focus of Kundalini yoga are helping me thrive, despite my sarcoidosis diagnosis.

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Yoga Can Soothe Anxious Grade Schoolers

Yoga at school might work wonders for the younger set, new research suggests.

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Menopausal Weight Gain: Fighting Back With Exercise

A regular, moderately challenging exercise regimen will help you control menopausal weight gain and offer other health benefits from stress relief to better sleep.

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Yoga May Bring Better Sleep to Breast Cancer Patients

A certain type of yoga may provide lasting benefits for breast cancer patients who have trouble sleeping, researchers report.

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Yoga May Help Ease Depression

If you've ever taken a yoga class, you probably know that it can help relax your body and your mind. Now, several new studies suggest that practicing yoga may also ease depression.

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Take a New View of Yoga

Want to add strength training, flexibility, and even stress reduction to your fitness plan?

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Meditation Reverses DNA Reactions That Cause Stress

The physical and mental health benefits of pursuits like yoga and meditation begin in your genes.

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People With THIS Should Practice Yoga

The calming poses and meditation of yoga may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to beating depression, new research suggests.

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Alternative Medicine Becoming More Popular Among Americans

Americans spend a good chunk of their health care dollars on alternative medicine, such as acupuncture, yoga, chiropractic care and natural supplements, a new government report shows.

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5 Best Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

These are the five best yoga poses for pregnant women to relieve physical discomforts and prepare for labor and delivery.

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