Mindfulness Meditation Can Make Some Americans More Selfish and Less Generous

Mindfulness in the U.S. is frequently offered simply as a tool for focusing attention and improving well-being, a conception of mindfulness some critics have referred to as "McMindfulness"

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For Now, I’m Managing my Unpredictable Chronic Illness With Yoga and Mindfulness

The breathwork and focus of Kundalini yoga are helping me thrive, despite my sarcoidosis diagnosis.

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Top 6 Health Trends for 2020

Which health trends will you try this year—being more mindful, paying attention to your gut biomes or getting better sleep? Check out Nurse Barb Dehn's trend predictions.

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Intend More, React Less

There is a moment of reflection between reactive thought and active engagement. This is the sweet spot where intention can intervene, if we allow it.

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Is Running Meditation a Real Thing?

A closer look at the connection between the physical and mental benefits of running.

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Nagging Low Back Pain? Try Mindfulness

Research has shown that mind-body practices can help ease back pain.

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Take 10 for Mindfulness

The meditative practice called mindfulness can help you get centered and re-focus on what's meaningful to you.

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How to Meditate Without Really Trying

Meditating doesn't require a special time or place. You can meditate without really trying by being fully engaged in the present moment.

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Mindfulness Training to Help With Weight Loss

If mindless eating can put on the pounds, it stands to reason that mindful eating can help with diet success.

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Meditation for Anxiety: How One Session Can Help

A single session of meditation can lower your anxiety levels, according to a new study.

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Types of Meditation You Should Try

Learn more about these meditation techniques and their benefits, including more energy and better concentration.

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Making the Most of My Mindfulness Journey

Bringing your attention to the present moment, without judgment, can help relieve stress.

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Meditation Tricks for Busy Bodies

Even when you're busy, you need time to meditate and relax. Here are some high-tech and low-tech meditation tips and tools.

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Visualization to Relieve Stress

Bring your mind and body into better balance using the techniques of visualization and guided imagery.

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