5 Fabulous Products for Dry Skin

Dry skin happens, especially in the winter and even more so as we age. Check out these products to ease dry skin all over your body.

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Sexy Starts From the Inside

Before you go buy new sexy lingerie, get in touch with your inner soulful beauty and let your sexiness radiate from your confident inner essence.

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5 Fabulous Products for Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes happen—whether from a good cry, a bad cold or an overly salty meal. Here are five products to the rescue. 

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Hair Loss Is a Problem for Women, Too

Hair loss is common in women and can occur due to genetics and the hairstyles and hair products used by women.

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CBD for Women: What Are Women Using CBD For?

These days, CBD—cannabidiol, a chemical derived from cannabis—is being sold in many forms and used for many things. Find out what women are using it for.

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The Best Products for Hair Removal

As hormones change around menopause, many women notice an increase in unwanted facial hair. There are many options for managing that hairy situation.

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Dressing Your Age: Removing the Stigma

The rules of fashion have relaxed, but it's still important for women to dress in a way that celebrates who they are now—not who they once were.

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Skin Products to Get You Through Menopause

There is not one product that can treat all signs of skin aging, but here are some tips for dealing with the skin changes that come with menopause.

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8 Beauty Tips to Help You Fake It

Putting on makeup should not be about hiding your age, but rather enhancing what you have.

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5 Natural Remedies for Treating Rosacea

Thinking about rosacea holistically may help you resolve it.

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I Tried Cryotherapy—and Here's What Happened

Cryotherapy, which involves a short time in a freezing cold chamber, claims to energize, ease pain, reduce depression, improve sleep, and speed metabolism, among other things.

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Hair-Brushing Mistakes

Hair brushing may seem simple, but brushing hair the wrong way can cause damage, while brushing it correctly can help you have soft, shiny, strong hair. 


Diagnosis and Treatments for Bumpy Skin

Bumps on your skin? It may be keratosis pilaris.

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Is White Wine Bad for Your Skin?

Could that glass of Chardonnay affect the condition of your skin?

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Help for Double Chins

There's a new injectable treatment to help minimize double chins.

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