Improve Your Heart Health After Menopause

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. Dr. Nieca Goldberg tells us how we can reduce our risk.

Menopause & Aging Well

How to Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Learn how to feed yourself and your family a menu that will make your cardiologist smile.

Nutrition & Movement

Be Aware of Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can have many serious affects on your body, so check your blood pressure this month and get control of this disease.

Your Health

The Silent Killer: One Woman’s Story of High Blood Pressure

This woman didn’t know she had high blood pressure and was at risk for heart disease until she had a heart attack.

Real Women, Real Stories

Know Your Blood Pressure Numbers

It's important to check your blood pressure regularly and know your blood pressure numbers and what they mean.

Your Health

High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the amount of force your blood exerts against the walls of your arteries. High blood pressure, or hypertension, occurs when your blood pressure is elevated over time. Left untreated, it can damage your small blood vessels and organs and lead to heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure and circulatory problems. READ MORE

Conditions & Treatments

Shake the Salt Habit

10 tips for cutting back on salt

Nutrition & Movement

Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough?

How to get more of this integral vitamin

Your Body

Pass (On) The Salt!

I used to think I was particularly sensitive to salt, since almost every time I ate out I had to send the food back because it was too salty (now when I order I say these three little words: "Hold the salt.")

Nutrition & Movement

A Diet That Does Double Duty

When my formerly very low blood pressure started to climb a bit too high (just as my mother's did when she was in her 50s), my doctor recommended The DASH Diet. Now, this healthy diet has been found to also ward off another health risk.

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