Health Care Workers of Color Nearly Twice as Likely as Whites to Get COVID-19

Health care workers of color were more likely to care for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, more likely to report using inadequate or reused protective gear, and nearly twice as likely as white colleagues to test positive for the coronavirus.

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COVID-19 “Long-Haulers” Are Finally Being Heard

As many as one-third of COVID-19 patients experience long-term symptoms, according to the CDC.

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Avoiding Care During the Pandemic Could Mean Life or Death

Many patients are shunning hospitals and clinics, and the coronavirus has diminished trust in the U.S. medical system.

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How to Access Mental Health Care Using Telehealth

A lifeline during the pandemic, remote access to mental health care may be the new normal.

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For COVID Tests, the Question of Who Pays Comes Down to Interpretation

Promises of free tests are being rolled back in ways that are creating turmoil for consumers, even as testing has become more plentiful.

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