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10 Common Breakfast Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Sometimes, eating the wrong thing first thing in the morning can be worse than eating nothing. Learn what to eat for breakfast with these healthy breakfast ideas.

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We know, we know. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you energy and fuel and sets the tone for a healthy day. But, even if you're eating this meal, consuming it the wrong way can be worse than eating nothing. Are you making any of these breakfast mistakes below?

1. You fill up unhealthfully.
Many carb-filled breakfast foods—like, toaster pastries, bagels, sugary cereals, cinnamon rolls and breakfast pastries—are low in fiber and will trigger a blood-sugar hike, proceeded by a crash and hunger (and that means you'll have a case of the mid-morning munchies). To feel fuller longer, go for whole-grain cereal or toast. And get a dose of energy-filled protein and filling healthy fats from low-fat or fat-free yogurt, lean meat, cottage cheese, nut butter or egg whites. Whip up these Egg-White Crepes or this Egg-White Omelet.

2. You indulge in brunch cocktails.
Your first meal of the day shouldn't knock you out. Go easy on the alcohol in the morning as it can pack on the liquid calories.

3. You make a sugary smoothie.
If you load your smoothie with sweeteners and fruit juices, it will be brimming with sugar. Sure, you'll get a sugar rush. But you'll feel sluggish once your blood-sugar level crashes. Aim to use real fruit instead of juices which can be full of sugar. And add just one fruit to help prevent increasing the smoothie's calories and sugar. This Cucumber Avocado Smoothie is packed with healthy fats and protein to keep you satisfied for hours.

4. You overdue it on coffee add-ons.
Sugar, whipped cream, creamers. All that can overload your cup of coffee with calories and sugar, especially if you drink more than one cup a day. Gradually reduce the amount of these add-ons that you use to get as close to a black cup of java as possible.

5. You only eat breakfast foods.
People often think they can only have breakfast foods first thing in the day. But, no one says you can't have turkey or chicken when you wake up. Try out our Egg-Cellent Breakfast Quesadilla or Avocado Breakfast Bruschetta and you'll see what you've been missing.

6. You pass on produce.
Try to get some fruits or vegetables into your meal. This Garden Frittata offers a blend of eggs and colorful vegetables, making for a nutritious breakfast. Loaded with vegetables, this strata can be assembled in advance so all you have to do is bake it in the morning.

7. You don't hydrate.
Since you likely didn't wake up in the middle of the night and drink a few glasses of water, you likely woke up dehydrated. You may not be thirsty, but you still need water. As soon you get up and again when you eat, drink a glass of water. Hydrating will help keep you satisfied and full.

8. You eat instant oatmeal.
You may think oatmeal will help reduce cholesterol, give a dose of fiber and promote weight loss. However, these microwaveable oatmeal packets can contain a lot of sugar, which can pack on the pounds and decrease your energy. Your best bet? Rolled or steel-cut oats. They'll digest slower and keep you fuller longer. You'll salivate over a bowl of this Chocoholic Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal.

9. You consume coffee on an empty stomach.
Drinking coffee tricks you into feeling like you're full, so you won't eat for a few hours. And that will make your energy and hunger out of whack the rest of the day. It's best to drink a cup after you've eaten something.

10. You turn to breakfast bars.
Breakfast and granola bars are suitable if you need a portable meal occasionally. But they can be loaded with calories and sugar. And you'll be unsatisfied and hungrier, since you likely won't focus and pay attention as you're hastily eating. When you're hungry, too, you eat just about anything, so you may hit up the vending machine before noon or make an unhealthy lunch choice.

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