Living with Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions

Millions of Americans live with multiple chronic overlapping pain conditions — and most of them are women

Chronic Care Issues

We Need to Raise Awareness of Women’s Migraine Disease in the Workplace

Women suffer from migraine headaches disproportionately; we need to do more to support them at work.

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Suffering From Chronic Pain as a Black Woman

Bias can lead to disparities in diagnosis and treatment of Black women with chronic pain

Chronic Care Issues

How I Found New Relief With Migraine Disease

I was plagued with migraine disease for decades and finally found relief with a new doctor, new diagnosis, new medication, and a new career.

Real Women, Real Stories

Don't Lose Hope in Your Battle With Migraine

By sharing my story, I want to encourage other people with migraine to not give up hope of finding relief for their migraine disease.

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Migraine Headaches Are a Family Affair

I am a woman and a physician who lives with migraine, and I want people who live with migraine attacks to know they are not alone.

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I've Lived With Chronic Migraine Since Childhood

I lost my identity through my struggles and felt I had no purpose in life, but I turned my misery and suffering into a positive.

Conditions & Treatments

Dealing With Migraines Is More Art Than Science

This is one woman’s journey coping with chronic migraine headaches.

Real Women, Real Stories

Healing Environments Need to Recognize Migraine Triggers

How health care providers can help people prone to migraines avoid triggers when they visit hospitals or health care provider offices.


Fast Facts on Migraines

It’s hard to do anything while you’re having a migraine, but understanding what’s happening to you may help.


All Migraines Are Not the Same

When it comes to length, intensity, and symptoms, migraines can vary drastically from person to person. Take a closer look.


Non-Drug Migraine Treatments Often Ignored

Many migraine sufferers skip recommended behavioral treatments, such as stress management and talk therapy, a new study finds.


Trouble Getting Migraine Medication

To better understand the hurdles migraine sufferers face when accessing migraine medication, HealthyWomen polled its audience. Here is what we discovered.