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The Mental and Physical Load of Racial Trauma

The pain of racial bias can have lifelong effects on women’s physical, mental and emotional health

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MS and Women of Color

Multiple sclerosis has long been characterized as a white woman’s illness, leaving too many women of color misdiagnosed

African American woman in pajamas resting in her bed at home.

La EM y las mujeres de color

La esclerosis múltiple se ha considerado durante mucho tiempo como una enfermedad de mujeres de raza blanca, haciendo que muchas mujeres de color reciban diagnósticos erróneos

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Did You Know That Heart Disease Affects Women of Color Differently?

The risk of cardiovascular disease among women, especially women of color, is poorly understood, yet the statistics speak for themselves. Here's what you need to know.

Makeba L. Williams, M.D.

A Conversation with Makeba L. Williams, M.D., About Health Equity and Menopause

An OB-GYN explains how health disparities can worsen the midlife transition for many women of color

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Women’s Health Concerns Are Not Always Taken Seriously — and It’s Even Worse for Women of Color

Women, especially women of color, are often dismissed and ignored by healthcare providers. Here’s what you can do about it.

Racial Bias in Medical Calculations Can Create Healthcare Inequities

Racial Bias in Medical Technology Can Create Health Inequities

Healthcare has long relied on technological devices, mathematical formulas and calculations to treat patients — but that can harm people of color

Racial Bias in OB-GYN Care

The Cost of Racial Bias in OB-GYN Care

Systemic bias can put women of color at greater risk of missed diagnoses, delayed treatment and at worst, loss of life

Overall Preterm Birth Rates in the United States Increased Last Year — And They Rose for Women of Color

Overall Preterm Birth Rates in the United States Increased Last Year — And They Rose for Women of Color

Race and economic status continue to impact birth outcomes for moms and babies

Do Ethnicity and Race Increase Risk for Head & Neck Cance

Do Ethnicity and Race Put People at Higher Risk for Head and Neck Cancers?

New research suggests environment and behavior — not genetics — raise your head and neck cancer risk

Do Ethnicity and Race Increase Risk for Head & Neck Cance

Tu etnia y ubicación geográfica pueden elevar el riesgo de cánceres de cabeza y cuello

Nuevas investigaciones sugieren que el entorno y el comportamiento, no la genética, incrementan tu riesgo

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Why Are Black Women More Likely to Die from Endometrial Cancer?

Delayed diagnoses, more aggressive tumor types and other healthcare disparities place Black women at a greater risk of dying from endometrial cancer compared to white women

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The Importance of Black Dermatologists: Skin Care Must See Color

Only 3% of U.S. dermatologists are Black. It’s a disparity that can have devastating effects for Black patients experiencing skin and hair care concerns.

Dr. Octavia Cannon

A Conversation with Dr. Octavia Cannon About How Race Can Influence Menopause

Although every woman goes through menopause once they reach a certain age, it can be more difficult for women of color

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It’s a Myth That Sunscreen Prevents Melanoma in People of Color – a Dermatologist Explains

In Black people, melanoma usually develops in parts of the body that are not exposed to the sun — and sunscreen will do nothing to reduce the risk

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Biopsies Confirm a Breast Cancer Diagnosis After an Abnormal Mammogram – but Structural Racism May Lead to Lengthy Delays

Black patients are more likely than other racial and ethnic groups to have a biopsy delay of 90 days or more after an abnormal mammogram

How Health Inequities Put Women of Color and Rural Women at Risk Infographic

How Health Inequities Put Women of Color and Rural Women at Risk

Improving health outcomes requires addressing health inequities among socially disadvantaged groups

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When Stigma Kills

Attitudes about mental health in the Black community are changing, but there’s still stigma surrounding mental health diagnoses

Shannon Shelton Miller

Black Women Have Many Risks to Their Mental Health. For Me, Juneteenth Is a Day of Healing.

Last year was my first time celebrating Juneteenth. It definitely won’t be my last.

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Race, Gender and the Ways These Identities Intersect Matter in Cancer Outcomes

Cancer care research usually overlooks the multiple identities of individual patients

Dr. Neel Shah

15 Minutes With: Dr. Neel Shah Talks About Racism in Healthcare

One of the experts from Oprah’s new documentary, “The Color of Care” discusses racism in the healthcare system and how it especially harms Black Women

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Why Do Women of Color Have Worse Breast Cancer Outcomes?

Breast cancer treatment and survival are worse for women of color. Healthcare disparities are to blame.

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Obesity Among Black Women: Fighting the Disease Through Community

Why do Black women have the highest rates of obesity in the U.S.? The answer lies beyond the numbers on the scale.

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New Report Finds U.S. Women Have the Highest Rate of Maternal Deaths Among High-Income Countries

We knew the US healthcare system did a poor job of serving women. The Commonwealth Fund Report reveals the situation is even worse than we thought.