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New Campaign Teaches Women to Love Their Stretch Marks

By Vera Sizensky

Created: 08/20/2014
Last Updated: 08/20/2014

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Roughly 80 percent of Americans have stretch marks, yet we try with all our might to hide them or make them disappear. A new Instagram account is hoping to change that and teach women to love their bodies, just as they are.

Love Your Lines—which aims to celebrate real women, real bodies and real self love—asks women to  share "a photo showcasing a part of [their] body that [they] think will inspire others to feel good about themselves (a part that [they] may have struggled with in the past or currently.)" After a call-out for submissions earlier this month, they posted the first images on August 12. And they're beautiful.

Take a look.

What do you think about this new campaign?


I think this is a great idea. As a morbidly obese child, I have stretch marks in more places than my belly. And, they had nothing to do with having a baby! Don't forget those whose lines aren't due to reproduction.

after pregnancy stretch marks are the common problem among ladies. some people don't wear shorts because they feel very uncomfortable to wear the shorts. It sounds great that mentality of people get changed now women actually loves their body as it is.


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