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Jonathan Roche is the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Health & Wellness Solutions, Inc. and the Amazon Best Selling Author of “The No Excuses, Anti Diet Book." He is an Award-Winning Fitness Expert, a 12- time Ironman Triathlon Finisher and a 19- time Boston Marathon Finisher (running 18 straight to raise funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.) 

Erik Hajer is an Award-Winning Fitness Expert and the author of “Live Fit and Be Well." He is a Life Coach, Speaker and Healer who has helped thousands of people take consistent inspired action since 1995.  In addition to joyfully training “for life” he is a 5- time Ironman Triathlon Finisher and 15- time marathon finisher. 

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Aim to complete 3 cardio and 3 strength workouts per week.
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