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From conception to delivery, track your 40 weeks of pregnancy on HealthyWomen. Understanding how your body changes and your baby grows during this special time is key to having a happy pregnancy.

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Weeks 1-13

First Trimester

Once you've calmed down from the initial excitement, check out what to expect during weeks 1-13.

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Weeks 14-27

Second Trimester

Goodbye nausea, hello appetite. Check out what to expect during weeks 14-27.

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Weeks 28-40

Third Trimester

You've made it more than halfway! What to expect during weeks 28-40.

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Labor and Delivery

The Finish Line

False labor, contractions, pushing, etc. What to expect during labor and delivery.

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ask the expert

I'm 32 years old and have been diagnosed with endometriosis, which is interfering with my ability to get pregnant. I've been reading about the influence of free radicals in endometriosis. Can you explain what this is?

I'm expecting twins. Can I prevent a bed-rest recommendation from my obstetrician?

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