Women of Color Spend More Than $8 Billion on Bleaching Creams Worldwide Every Year

Bleaching the skin is common. It's also potentially life-threatening and harms women's self esteem.

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10 Things You Must Know to Practice Safe Sun Care

You don't have to avoid the sun entirely, but you must learn how to use sunscreen correctly and follow safe sun practices to avoid skin cancer and prematurely aged skin.

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How to Do a Skin Cancer Body Check

Every year, about 5 million Americans are treated for skin cancer—an abnormal growth of skin cells that most often develops on areas exposed to the sun.

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Can You Recognize the Signs of Skin Cancer?

Learn the early signs of skin cancer.

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Skin Cancer Is No Day at the Beach

I was diagnosed with skin cancer within days of turning 50 in October 2005. In the same month, I also got asthma and gingivitis—getting old was no fun! But I was lucky. All of my health problems were relatively minor and treatable.

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The Skinny on Winter Dryness

Does your skin feel stiff and dry as the weather gets colder? Try these 7 tips to end winter skin woes.

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Skin Health

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It acts as the first defense against disease and infection, and it protects your internal organs from injuries.

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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, probably making up more than half of all diagnosed cases of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS). READ MORE

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Cosmetic Skin Procedures

Nonsurgical aesthetic treatments ranging from injections and microdermabrasion to laser and hair removal treatments can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, facial lines, unwanted hair, broken blood vessels, large pores and acne scars.

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Rosacea: What is it? What can you do about it? How can you cover it up?

"At my annual check-up, my doctor told me that what I thought was just an ever-increasing rosy glow, might be rosacea. What is rosacea, what can I do about it and can I cover it up?"

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Acne During Pregnancy

"I am 6 weeks pregnant and a week ago I got acne all over my back. Is that because of a hormonal imbalance? What are the signs I can expect to notice related to hormonal changes? Are there any safe products I can use to clear up my skin?"

Pregnancy & Postpartum