Surprise! Congress Takes Steps to Curb Unexpected Medical Bills

Patients may still be surprised by the high cost of health care overall, but they'll now be protected against unexpected bills from out-of-network providers

Access & Affordability

Why Women’s Health Should Be a Priority for the New Congress

We've come a long way, but disparities still exist


7 things President-Elect Biden Can Achieve on Health Care

Big transformational reforms are unlikely, but the new administration can make smaller changes that will improve the lives of millions of Americans

Access & Affordability

What You Need to Know to Enroll for Health Insurance for Next Year

Individuals and families can shop for a new Obamacare health insurance plan during the 2020 open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act.

Your Care

How Healthy Is Your Health Care Provider Network?

If your insurance plan’s network of health care providers is too narrow, it can limit your access to sufficient care and in the end, raise your health care costs by forcing you to visit out-of-network providers.

Menopause & Aging Well

Here Are the Top 3 Women’s Health Care Issues of the 2020 Presidential Election, So Far

Nearly 20 candidates are running for the Democratic party nomination. Here’s what they’re saying about the opioid crisis, the affordable care act, medicare for all and prescription prices.

Self-Care & Mental Health