Colleges and the Thanksgiving COVID-19 Risk: Fauci’s right – Holiday Plans May Have to Change

As COVID-19 cases rise, especially in college towns, families may need to rethink their holiday plans

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My Decision to Remove My Breast Implants

I loved my implants for a long time, but they no longer fit my lifestyle

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Do You Feel Clean After Going to the Bathroom?

Not getting clean after going to the bathroom can cause health issues.

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Healthy Home, Healthy You

From top to bottom, your home presents opportunities for illnesses. Here are some tips, tricks and bathroom gadgets that can help ensure your home doesn't make you sick.

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How to Keep Toxins from Your Home

The average home may be riddled with substances that are potentially toxic. Here’s how to clean house.

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The Link between Clean Sheets and Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation has found that washing sheets once a week may help people sleep better because of the fresh smelling scent.

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Vitamin Boost: An Approach to Organizing

We all know that eating healthy foods is good for our bodies. Just as you may supplement your regular diet with vitamins to give your body a boost in nutrients, you can also give your organizing a boost.

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The Power of Color: Get Happy, Energized, Healthy and Focused

Color makes the world go round. Colors can delight and excite us; they can also be soothing and calming. Even common sayings reflect the power of colors.

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Winter Growth: Rethinking Organizing for Less Stress

Now is a great time to make the most of the slower season and start thinking about putting a little bit of energy back into a task or goal that you want to start, accomplish or brush up on. If you start now, it will be in full bloom by springtime.

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Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Home (and Body!)

Reduce health problems and get fit with these easy cleaning techniques.

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Green Home: How to Shop for Less-Toxic Cleaning Products

There's a reason that the smell of our everyday cleaning products are so offensive - that's because they're toxic, to both your health and that of the environment. Here are some tips on how to find green products.

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