How to Keep a Healthy Closet

Is your closet at the bursting point? Having trouble finding what you need when you need it?

Here are a few health-inspired tips to keep your closet healthy and in functioning order:
Put your closet on a diet. Lighten up your closet by combing through and purging the following: clothes you haven't worn in several years, clothes you no longer want, clothes that no longer fit (too large or too small), clothes that are damaged beyond repair (stained, torn, pilled, faded). Think twice when shopping for new clothes. Is the item a necessity (for example, running shoes you really need) or is it just something nice that you would like to have (such as a pretty sundress, but you already have five perfectly good sundresses)? 

Exercise your wardrobe. Are you regularly using or wearing all of the clothes in your closet? Figure out what you really use by taking several pieces out and putting them into dead storage in another part of your home. Mark your calendar to check on these pieces in a few weeks. Did you miss any items? If so, pop them back into your wardrobe; if not, pack them up and donate to charity. Another good way to exercise your wardrobe to the fullest is to remove and store out-of-season items to free up space.

Take care of your supplements. Clothes typically take up the bulk of space in a closet, but when's the last time you took stock of your accessories? Evaluate all accessories in your wardrobe such as shoes, belts, hats, ties, scarves, bags and jewelry. Keep what you want and donate unwanted items to a local school or neighborhood theater or to the charity of your choice.

Strengthen your closet's storage capacity. There are many ways to enhance the storage capacity of a closet—from heavy interior renovations to organizing products you can purchase at the store. Is all the space in your closet being used to full capacity? Consider unused floor or shelving space as well as the back of a closet door to maximize your closet's full storage potential.

Give your closet regular checkups. Take a few minutes every month or couple of months to weed out unwanted or damaged items. Donate unwanted but slightly used items to charity.

Rashelle Isip is an organizing, time management and productivity consultant and blogger. She is founder of The Order Expert, a site featuring practical and creative organizing, time management, productivity tips, inspiration and much more. For more information on Rashelle, visit: and


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